Aug 192012

Unofficial list (note to self) of most important Windows keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl + Z = Undo (most important Windows keyboard shortcut; Saved some of my files from certain death) Ctrl + Y = Redo   Ctrl + C or Ctrl + Ins = Copy Ctrl + X = Cut (also Shift + Del but only for marked text; DO NOT USE Shift + Delete for files) […]

Aug 162012

As you probably know, Dropbox is the most convenient and the most popular cloud storage system among individual consumers, but it’s far from being too secure.  On the other hand, Google Drive and are a bit more secure, the latter even being trusted by corporate entities, but I don’t trust them either, because where there’s a back door for the big brother, there’s one […]

Aug 152012

A quick note how to program the Dish Network satellite remote control so it can operate a TV. Adjusted remote should control the TV power and volume even in Sat mode.  If it’s not properly controlling other features, repeat the procedure to find a better code. 1. Turn the TV on, 2. Press and hold the TV button on Dish remote till all mode buttons light […]

Aug 112012

Things in the laptop industry seem to be following sort of a “fashion” – just like the shiny screen totally dominated the consumer market before anti-glare laptops started to reappear,  now it is really hard to find a laptop with a nice, full-size keyboard without the chiclet junk that doesn’t register keystrokes or makes you miss keys.  I am tall and I have big hands, […]

Jul 302012

We recently broke the LCD screen on our MSI u 230 Light-087 netbook, so this unit currently works only when connected to an external monitor (as advised in one of the seven ways to review a netbook), but I am researching where to obtain a replacement screen (11.6″ Matte LCD LED back-lit 1366×768) and so I’m posting links with currently listed prices here for my further […]

Jul 302012

Besides still being a great home and WiFi email client, browser, movie player, camera, voice recorder and MP3 machine, I was hoping to be able to use my old HTC EVO 4G phone as an ultimate GPS voice-guided turn-by-turn car navigation system even without a data connection, but it failed during my first test drive. I am in a process of changing phones so my […]

Jul 242012

The Wassup log of this site recently started filling with Google spider attempts to access way too many pages at nonsense appended links as in the following three typical samples, the rest of numerous similar crawls being variations of these. It appeared almost like an infinite loop because these attempts kept on going in variations for many minutes, often close to an […]

Jul 122012
Frustrating First Hours with Windows 8 Release Preview

My initial bad impression of Microsoft’s new Windows 8 operating system may change with time, but I’m glad I wrote down my frustrations in a sort of a chronological log of the first hour or two to show what thoughts go through a mind of a technical user when testing this product in sort of a cleanroom environment (I didn’t read much about Windows 8 […]