Sep 122012

Unfortunately, my very high hopes in CyanogenMod Android option on the HP TouchPad have been postponed again. After the exciting first results in CyanogenMod 7 and an excellent initial progress during the first few months, they shifted all development work to Android Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.x) in CyanogenMod v9. For a while we believed that this version will be finished in no time. But […]

Sep 082012

I finally cut the cord and “broke up” with junk that’s been clogging my computers for way too long, uninstalling all the instances and versions of Java and Adobe Flash software from my computers. Why? Because I can, because they are not missed, and because both were an extra security risk. It’s been about a month since, and I haven’t experienced any big withdrawal syndrome, […]

Sep 072012

Here’s a simplifying note to self – there’s a lot of different AMD mobile CPUs on the market and even though I am risking comparing apples to oranges, here is a list of AMD processors in recent laptops and netbooks with their average CPU Passmark score (higher is better), starting from the most powerful down. Trinity – Second generation APU (integrated CPU & GPU) (first […]

Sep 062012

The other day I went to Best Buy to see the new sub-$500 3rd gen Core-i5 laptop when a number of netbooks drew my attention with a bigger 11.6″ screen (usually they top at 10″). Curious to see how they perform, I browsed the net looking up their processing power and I could barely believe the huge disparity of these seemingly identical units.  Some of […]

Aug 312012

Just when I said that the AMD laptops with new Trinity processors might successfully compete with Intel middle class and upper middle class systems, I’ve found an exception – this week (end of August 2012) you can find a new ASUS K55A-BBL4 laptop with 3rd generation  Intel Core i5-3210M CPU at Best Buy for $479.99.  It’s a bit heavier than the smaller ultrabooks, but not heavier than […]

Aug 242012

When buying a netbook, you had to pick two of the following: speed, long battery life, larger screen, and affordability.   It was a bit better with laptops, where you had to pick two out of three: speed, battery life, and affordability, but the things may finally be changing with new AMD processors which can provide a holistic combination of the three, making an excellent, […]

Aug 212012

Once we have Bluetooth improved to rock solid and possibly to a real 30 feet range in imperfect conditions, people won’t mind getting rid of the old-fashioned smartphones, replacing them with a customizable, multicomponent setup with a central communication unit combined with a variety of “peripheral” devices for voice, messaging, email, internet browsing, shooting pictures and movies, removable storage; everything and anything currently suitable for […]

Aug 192012

Recently we’ve had way too many dropped mobile calls and so I researched for new prepaid mobile phones and plans and discovered we can save a ton of money with one of these providers.  I focused on affordable minutes (talk time) and text messaging and disregarded any data options, so here are the notes I took during my quest for cheap mobile phones and plans. […]