Amazon Affiliate


Why am I out?

Illinois has a new law targeting Amazon and requiring that it collects state tax for sales that originated from its affiliates located in Illinois. Amazon responded by terminating its contract with all affiliates from Illinois. Without going into discussion who’s to blame, I can only say that me and about 10,000 other affiliates from Illinois are the ones that are worst affected by this law.

Why am Was I in?

I have been shopping at for well over a decade and I’ve grown so accustomed to it that it became my main research tool for electronics products. Even when I was an Enterprise Network Director and then a Deputy CIO at a major institution in charge of technology purchases, I kept driving my vendors crazy by using Amazon’s reviews and pricing as a reference, just to make sure my institution was getting the best possible deals.

Most of the time Amazon’s prices are among the lowest and my level of satisfaction with them has always been high.  They usually have free shipping for most orders over $25 (except for some bulky, fragile or heavy products) and charge zero tax. I have also posted a number of reviews there (as DrZ), paying it back and forward to the Amazon user community whose reviews I often read and use in my research.  I perfected my ways of using their web site for sorting gems from junk and determining which reviewers to trust and after some research on Amazon I can even select products I’ve never touched or seen, certain they will be the cream of the crop. Of course, when buying something more expensive I usually find a way to test and evaluate it, but in the end I still either buy it from Amazon or at least post my own review to inform the others of the product’s good and bad sides.

Well, the time has come for both you and me to benefit from my experience. I have become an Amazon Affiliate. What does it mean to you? I will continue doing my research and posting my choices and reviews here to your benefit, so if you follow the links to the store you will still buy directly from Amazon at their great low prices.

I will only list products I strongly believe in, like the ones I’ve already bought or wouldn’t hesitate buying for my own use. Take it this way: by letting a pro like me make a choice for you like I’ve done for so many of my users and executives in the past, you are using me as your free research assistant, and you still buy and get the same great prices, protection and service from WAS a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to