Feb 072011

Sprint and Kyocera just announced a new first, a dual screen Kyocera Echo phone. I don’t think dual screen phones, dual screen gaming systems and dual screen tablets and laptops are such a good idea, but the beauty of this world is that it has something for everybody and this just adds more options for some people who always wanted a dual screen phone, but the only exception when I used to recommend dual screens were computer monitors for my power users, the executive assistants who really multitask in multiple software applications and calendars of their high profile executives and need to see more than one screen at a time.

As far as a smartphone with two equally sized screens, why not make one big screen instead? I have an EVO because of its big screen and I have seriously considered Dell Streak in the past because of its even bigger screen which could let me leave my laptop at home during short trips. We do have two eyes, but they can usually focus on only one thing, which means that you are probably wasting your battery and computing power on something that is not being used. Also, except for some really good executive assistants and awesome but stressed mothers, humans cannot efficiently multi-task, and to add to this point, it seems that the Kyocera Echo phone is designed so that you really can’t use both screens simultaneously, for example playing a video on one while playing a game on the other, so why bother. Having two screens that don’t allow truly parallel multitasking defeats the purpose.

Moreover, a folding/sliding/flip phone usually has a built-in hardware keyboard but in this case it’s not there. The other surprising details that I’m apt to call omissions include the lack of a front facing camera and no 4G. I’m quite skeptical indeed. It seems to me that EVO will still rule the Sprint gadgets family for a while, at least for users like me who like big screens and don’t mind buying extended batteries.

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