Feb 062011

After using Disqus to comment at some blogs and web sites, I saw how simple that system was, so after being on the commenter side and loving it, I decided to replace the native commenting system of this blog with Disqus as well. It was a KISS (“keep it simple, stupid” – my favorite acronym) installation and KISS smooth ride since. With most permissive settings enabled I still don’t get any spam. Having used Akismet anti-spam before and after the fact, before Disqus I was checking several new spam comments every day to make sure the posters weren’t legit (all were spammers). Since I installed Disqus I have had no spam whatsoever and all my posters get to use this intuitive and simple commenting system which allows them to login with their Twitter, Facebook, OpenID and other accounts they already have. Disqus is currently being used by CNN, Engadget and other web sites and in addition, administration and menus look and feel very intuitive, just like a product should be, and you can even configure it so you can approve, reply or remove comments by email. If you’re a blogger and still thinking about it, go for it.

It seems many systems of the future will have to be based on establishing trust and gaining approval from friends, peers or businesses alike, or will become extensions of social communication systems like Facebook and Twitter. Good for us, and perhaps someday we’ll get rid of the big pest, the spammers. It will be a boring world for us IT professionals, but heaven for us common users.

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  1. Disqus addicting new features for easy way to blogger add blogs and commentators comment passing easy ways. Also Disqus use CNN, Engadget,  and other websites for  better requiring.

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