May 032013

“I See Deleted Files. All the times. They’re everywhere.”

I had this crazy problem that deleted files were still showing in Windows Explorer and I had to either exit and come back into the same folder to see them gone, or to hit F5 to refresh.  I was also having the same problem with newly created files, but I kept using the F5 (refresh) trick to see them.

This has been bugging me for almost a year but I never had the patience to research it.  Tonight I just had enough so while googling among other useless Microsoft forum discussions I found out this simple solution:

Go to “Folder Options” (my easiest way is Windows key+E to open a Windows Explorer, Press Alt to get the menu, click on Options and Folder options), then click on the “View” tab and click on the “Reset Folders” button. That did it and now files disappear from my view as soon as I delete them.

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  1. Thanks. I was in the exact same situation.

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