Oct 212012

This site is more a personal technology blog than anything else. I left pretensions to make millions, hundreds of thousands or even thousands, after the first year brought virtually no significant income, but I never took my heart out of this blog. This site pays for itself (not for my time invested in it though), but I am not giving it up, or selling it, and perhaps I’m only slowing down a bit.

However, all of the articles and posts here (except when otherwise noted, mostly on some instructions) are a product of my idle mind and since I am the only one here, I stand fully behind this site, want to keep it that way for quite some time and make sure that when someone reads something here, he or she knows it is I who wrote these lines. Therefore, those of you looking for sites willing to publish one of your posts, or looking to become regular guest bloggers, don’t bother contacting me with any such propositions. That is just against my “editorial policy” (or it would be if I had one), so until I change my mind or remove this post, don’t even bother asking.

Thanks for visiting.

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