Sep 122012

Unfortunately, my very high hopes in CyanogenMod Android option on the HP TouchPad have been postponed again. After the exciting first results in CyanogenMod 7 and an excellent initial progress during the first few months, they shifted all development work to Android Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.x) in CyanogenMod v9. For a while we believed that this version will be finished in no time. But because it was the first publicly released open source version of Android in a very long time, its progress was much slower than with seven and so finally, just when I got interested because they fixed the sound and headphones issues, got the microphone to work and got the battery drain to good low numbers, it seems that the effort has now shifted to CyanogenMod 10, so we now have another orphan Android version on the same old orphan tablet. Don’t get me wrong, my TouchPad rocks with this version and it’s still mostly better than the webOS, light years ahead with some functionality (if they could copy and reuse the webOS keyboard mapping and way of functioning, that would be even better), but it’s still earning the same grade – incomplete. It’s been over a year since HP TouchPad has been released and there’s still no full blown CyanogenMod for it, not even in a RC or even a beta form (though I admit that due to their high standards their nightlies are darn close to beta with most functionality) . I lost interest.

Those who are still enthusiastic can continue testing the version 10 and hopefully someday see the light and a working camera. Till then I’ll be using CM9 for internet browsing and games, and rebooting to webOS for Skype video chat. And now we wait again.

Or perhaps some of us will get a different tablet, especially if our children meanwhile managed to scratch it and make it look a year older than it actually is. Not that I’m complaining, but if you read this after you grow up (you know who you are), expect the same or similar “blessings” from your own kids who you will love so much that you will often let them use your own gadgets. 🙂

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