Sep 082012

I finally cut the cord and “broke up” with junk that’s been clogging my computers for way too long, uninstalling all the instances and versions of Java and Adobe Flash software from my computers. Why? Because I can, because they are not missed, and because both were an extra security risk.

It’s been about a month since, and I haven’t experienced any big withdrawal syndrome, lacking virtually nothing. I haven’t encountered a single instance where anything on my computers was missing Java, which is great because I never really liked it, and moreover, I don’t want to host a cuckoo’s egg that now has a who-knows-what future, if any.

Java used to be open source, or so we thought, but more questions about its usability have arisen since Oracle bought Sun and brought up the ridiculous patent infringement lawsuit against Google. Moreover, we know what happened with another open source heritage from Sun,, which has been bastardized by Oracle and then abandoned by most developers who care about themselves and their reputation in the world, but if you didn’t know, a brave new and better version of this open source office suite is alive and kicking with most of the above mentioned developers now contributing to it, now known as Libreoffice and being distributed with all new Linux OS versions and also used by many Windows users who refuse to spend hundreds on MS Office suite. Oracle on the other hand seems to have joined a SCO reputation, having also gained a new nick name – SCOracle, with Larry Ellison considered to be a new villain in the open source world. Many wish they end the same way SCO did. So much for Java, yippee ki-jay.

Another loud yippee ki-jay… goes to my sudden realization that my computers are now totally free of any Adobe resource hogs – I’ve been using the alternative Foxit and Nitro PDF reader and virtual printers instead of Adobe Reader for many years, I use GIMP instead of Adobe Photoshop and with Flash out, all is well. The only downside is that I can’t view some YouTube videos in Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari, but if I absolutely need Flash, I use Google Chrome, which has its own built-in version of Flash that doesn’t get used by anything else on the computer.

I don’t know whether there is any way to justify this feeling, but for some stupid reason I feel like I’ve achieved a lot by removing Java and Flash from my systems and by not missing them at all.

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