Sep 072012

Here’s a simplifying note to self – there’s a lot of different AMD mobile CPUs on the market and even though I am risking comparing apples to oranges, here is a list of AMD processors in recent laptops and netbooks with their average CPU Passmark score (higher is better), starting from the most powerful down.

Trinity – Second generation APU (integrated CPU & GPU)

(first generation APUs begin with number 3, while the newer second gen Trinity begin with 4, ex: A8-3550M vs A8-4500M; A10 didn’t exist in the first gen)

Quad Core:

A10-4600M ~ 4872

A8-4500M ~ 4242

A10-4655M ~ 4038

A6-4400M ~ 2630

Dual Core:

A4-4300M  ~ benchmarks not yet available


First Gen APU:

Quad Core:

A6-3400M ~ 2936

A6-3420M ~ 2284

Dual Core:

A4-3300M ~ 1616

A4-3320M ~ 1417

E2-3000M ~ 1183


Slow CPUs:

E2-1800 ~ 794

E-450 ~ 734

E1-1200 ~ 658

E-300 ~ 588

C-60 ~ 558

My rule of thumb is to stick to the AMD A-series processors and to avoid any E- or even worse, C-series, unless it’s in a netbook where you may be willing to sacrifice (quite a lot of) CPU processing power for a long lasting battery and decent graphics.

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