Aug 152012

A quick note how to program the Dish Network satellite remote control so it can operate a TV.

Adjusted remote should control the TV power and volume even in Sat mode.  If it’s not properly controlling other features, repeat the procedure to find a better code.

1. Turn the TV on,

2. Press and hold the TV button on Dish remote till all mode buttons light up,

3. Press the TV power button once (on our remote it’s not the main power, but the other smaller red button for the TV),

4. Pointing towards the TV set, keep pressing the up button (the one above the center “select” button; NOT the page up or page down) with at least one second pause till the TV turns off,

5. When the TV turns off, press the # button at the bottom of numeric keys and that’s it.


Switch the remote back to satellite mode and turn the TV on.  If it’s not working well, repeat till a better code is found (it begins with first above the last code).  You can use the down instead of the up button to return to lower codes.

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