Jul 302012

We recently broke the LCD screen on our MSI u 230 Light-087 netbook, so this unit currently works only when connected to an external monitor (as advised in one of the seven ways to review a netbook), but I am researching where to obtain a replacement screen (11.6″ Matte LCD LED back-lit 1366×768) and so I’m posting links with currently listed prices here for my further convenience.  I don’t endorse or know anything about any of the websites and associated vendors listed below.  This is purely informational for my convenience and further research, but hopefully it helps someone else too.  Prices listed were actual when I was researching them (July 30, 2012).

http://www.usa-laptop-screen.com/msi-wind-u230l-ltn116at01-laptop-lcd-screen-116quot-wxga-hd-matte-led-p-32271.html – currently at $61.13 + $10 standard shipping


– $70 +$15 standard shipping


– $82.36 + free standard shipping. (not sure if it’s compatible with this MSI netbook)


Before I go any further I will open the screen lid and check the part #

UPDATE: Part number listed is Samsung LTN116AT01 or on a smaller label LTN116AT01-201

To unscrew the screen I had to remove chassis screws (bottom part, not the screen ) from the two metal hinges after removing all the bottom screws and opening the the bottom of the laptop and splitting the screen lid in the back, because the screen bezel has two screws at the bottom (covered with small rubber lids) that aren’t accessible by a screwdriver.


How to replace screen:


These instructions were found at this great page: http://www.laptop-lcd-screen.co.uk/laptopparts/video.asp

Also great instructions (wrong screen but right way to discover the screen part number inside) about locating the laptop screen model number

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