Apr 132012

Example of ad blocked from future display

For those of us trying to make some money with Adsense ads but not willing to display ads of products, websites or manufacturers we find problematic or inappropriate, Google has recently introduced new features in their new and improved Ad Review Center. Now I smile in bliss because we can finally review all the ads being shown on our website(s) and as shown in above example, block the ones that for any reason don’t meet our standards. The only limitation is that this feature doesn’t work retroactively and can’t show the ads from before activation.

In the past we were only able to block ad categories, ad networks, or URLs of particular advertisers as shown below, but that didn’t work too well for me because the ads I was trying to block kept coming back under different or unknown names or altered web addresses.

Sites blocked from advertising here

The new features are accessible from within Google Adsense, “Allow & block ads” tab, “Ad review center” – under “Shown ads”, “Blocked ads” and “Settings”. You have to sign up for this functionality and wait before it’s enabled, which didn’t take too long, and the ads gradually started showing the same day.

Those who want even more control can delay posting of the ads for 24 hours to get a chance to review and block anything inappropriate without it ever appearing on the site, but that way the site may not be able to compete in immediate ad space auctions, what may lower its earnings, possibly affecting those with targetable custom channels more than those with contextual ads only. Unless of course, you have an extremely popular and credible site in which case advertisers will most likely be very much willing to wait. This option can be controlled by selecting a radio button in Ad review center settings as shown below. I chose to run ads immediately because I believe I already blocked all the ones I didn’t like.

Reviewing ads prior or upon display

Sticking to integrity and building respect will often cost you in the beginning but if you persevere, the ultimate results can be much better than of those sites with high number of fake, copied or low quality articles targeting high traffic for instant profit reasons. Google will continue slowly improving its algorithms and little by little we’ll be better off.

The new functionality really made my day when I caught and blocked an ad offering unbelievably great “overstock” iPad deals (no such thing, as these are gambling-like auctions), which I really don’t want associated with my website in any way, not even if they appear in my marked and distinguished advertisement space. Integrity means much more to me than a few dollars more in my bank account.

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