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CyanogenMod 9 (Android 4.x Ice Cream Sandwich) for HP TouchPad has been released mid January and already updated a few times (version released February 21 is Alpha 2) and here are my notes made for my own upgrade with added links to downloads. I initially placed these in my review of the TouchPad with CyanogenMod 9 but decided that they don’t belong together so here’s the spin-off post. Instead of following these you should check the official webpage for current release version(s) and detailed installation instructions at the RootzWiki Touchpad Cyanogenmod 9 page, but if you want it quick and dirty and without any guarantees, be my guest.

novacom ACMEInstall2 TouchPad installation

Disclaimer: This is a note to self and if you choose to do what I’ve done, proceed at your own risk.

Important: Do not upgrade the OS from the zip file in recovery mode – it may wipe your data/apps.

Again, this is a quick and dirty list of my own for upgrade from CM7.1 to CM9 Alpha 0.6 on HP TouchPad for the brave ones. If you’re not technically inclined and not absolutely sure what you’re doing, go back to the original RootzWiki link above, or you may also use the liliputing.com installation instructions.

1. Download these files:
a.) ACMEInstaller2 and copy it to the folder on your computer with previously installed novacom.exe, (possibly in c:Program FilesPalm, Inc.)
b.) Google apps zip file for Android 4.x – put anywhere on the TouchPad and remember location.
c.) Current CM9 TouchPad OS installation zip file
(current filename: update-cm-9.0.0-RC0-Touchpad-alpha2-fullofbugs.zip, but better check and get the most recent one from the RootzWiki link at the beginning of this post).

2. Create “cminstall” folder (without qoutes) on the TouchPad’s disk drive and put the CM9 installation zip file there.

Press volume up during bootup
3. Boot the TouchPad in recovery mode (hold the volume up button during bootup to get the big USB sign in the middle.)

4. On a computer connected to the TouchPad, open command prompt, change directory to where the novacom.exe and ACMEInstaller2 are (note the new ACMEInstaller2!), type in the following command and press enter:
novacom.exe boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller2

After all the installation messages fly through you’ll have the new version of Android.
During the first boot you will get a pop-up message “Android is upgrading…” with “Optimizing application # xx” and numbers slowly incrementing).

5. Install the Google Apps zip file from ClockworkMod recovery (select “install zip from sdcard”, then “choose zip from sdcard”, browse to it and go).

6. Wipe the cache partition from ClockworkMod recovery; while there, also wipe the Dalvik cache in Advanced.

7. Reboot and enjoy. Good luck!

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If you find these notes helpful, tip me! Give me a dollar or few.

I already donated to the team that’s making all this possible. If you’re using a CyanogenMod port please donate to them on their website at http://cyanogenmod.com.

  3 Responses to “Upgrade TouchPad from CyanogenMod 7.1 to 9”

  1. worked great.  thanks for the quick and easy instructions.

  2. what about upgrading the moboot from 0.3.3 to 0.3.5? I have moboot 0.3.3 when I installed CM7.1

    • Yes, I believe I had 0.3.3 on 7.0 and upgraded to 0.3.5 when I installed 7.1. No guarantees but as far as I remember I just added the new moboot zip file into the cminstall folder and it upgraded during the… well, upgrade.

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