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TouchPad Stuck in Endless Reboots

Hold Volume Up During Boot

Things tend to repeat themselves. Just like with the webOS 3.0.4 update that happened overnight without my consent, I left my TouchPad in webOS on the Touchstone charger overnight after having selected “Apply Later” instead of “Apply Now” for the offered webOS 3.0.5 update, but this time it was much worse. Instead of just unexpectedly finding the updated webOS without the dual boot and with a need for the moboot boot manager fix to see the Android option on the boot menu, this morning I found my TouchPad stuck in an endless reboot cycle. I couldn’t do anything but get it into USB recovery mode by holding the volume up button while booting, but that didn’t help because the file system on the TouchPad wasn’t visible from the computer so I couldn’t tell whether there were any files and settings left on it any more and neither could I have copied the files necessary to reinstall moboot, ClockworkMod and Android into cminstall folder. So then I downloaded the webOS Doctor from this link and let it do its thing from my computer via the USB cable.

webOS Doctor ProgrammingwebOS Doctor fixed it all right, but it erased all the apps in webOS and started from scratch, choosing language, connecting to WiFi and internet, signing in and letting HP restore my my apps. Android (CyanogenMod) was nowhere to be found. Fortunately, the data was still there, and I could now see the drive when connected to a computer via USB, so then I reinstalled the moboot files following my Fix for Broken CyanogenMod Android on HP TouchPad after webOS Update post to make it again bootable either into webOS or CyanogenMod Android 7.1. The install is rather simple, you create a cminstall folder on the Touchpad (if it doesn’t already exist), copy the moboot installation zip file into it, and run the following command from a computer in command prompt window after changing the directory to the folder that contains both novacom.exe and ACMEInstall (more on how to install these two in the above link to my original moboot fix post):
novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller However, after installing moboot, the bootloader wasn't showing any options to boot into the ClockworkMod recovery or CyanogenMod Android. So then I decided to repeat the procedure and this time instead of the moboot zip file I copied the ClockworkMod zip installation file (update-cwm_tenderloin-1012.zip) into the cminstall folder on the TouchPad and ran the same novacom ACMEInstaller command from above with the TouchPad in recovery mode (press volume up during boot) connected via USB cable. This worked to a point – the CyanogenMod Android option still wasn’t visible on the boot menu, but ClockworkMod now was.

Don't forget to back upFinally, I was able to boot into ClockworkMod and restore the backup of the CyanogenMod I created after upgrading to Alpha 3.5. (best practice reminder – you can always delete an extra backup if you don’t need it, but you can never create one when you really need it).

Fortunately, the disk space on the TouchPad didn’t get erased during these problems and the old backup files were still there (in the clockworkmod folder). Had there been no backup files of 3.5 I would have had to have ClockworkMod recovery install CM7.1 from the zip file update-cm-7.1.0-tenderloin-a3.5-fullofbugs.zip – that wouldn’t be bad but I wonder whether my apps and data would have still been there that way, and I might have had to install Google apps and Android Market after that as well.

After all this, all the boot options were back and CyanogenMod booted up flawlessly. After updating all the apps I’m now backing it up again in ClockworkMod before upgrading to CyanogenMod 9 Alpha 0.5 just for the heck of it. I’m not thrilled though, because CM7.1 Alpha 3.5 still has more functionality than this version. You know the saying, curiosity killed the cat, so if you’re happy with the older CM7.1 Alpha 3.5, and if you want to be able to watch YouTube videos in high quality and Netflix movies, stay on it because CM9 Alpha 0.5 is not there yet.

Original Plan For Fixing CyanogenMod 7.1

I kept postponing upgrading of webOS because I wanted to upgrade webOS to 3.0.5 and then fix and upgrade Android to CM9 Alpha 0.5 at the same time but after these problems I decided to first fix my moboot, and because of my low expectations of CM9 at this stage, I wanted to give myself a revert option. The plan thus was:

1. Upgrade webOS to 3.0.5
2. Fix moboot and boot into Android CM7.1
3. Install updates do a fresh ClockworkMod backup of CM7.1
4. Install CM9
5. Back up CM9
6. Play with CM9 and decide whether to keep it or to revert to CM7.1

After all the initial obstacles described above, I’m ready to proceed with step 4 and install CyanogenMod 9. The worst thing in the whole enchilada is that I don’t know what happened and how my TouchPad ended up in the endless reboot loop – at this point it’s impossible to determine whether it did update to webOS 3.0.5 because even if it didn’t, webOS Doctor always installs the latest OS version.

Wish me luck and stay tuned for my comments of CM9.

Much more information and resources on installation and troubleshooting of CM7.1 on HP TouchPad can be found at the RootzWiki.com [Release][Alpha3.5]Cyanogenmod Touchpad page When in doubt, consult them.

Warning: These are mainly my logs and notes to self. If you decide to follow my example and attempt the same solutions that worked in my case, proceed at your own risk. There are no guarantees and although I sometimes help some of my readers out of courtesy, I don’t provide free technical support.

If you find these notes helpful, tip me! Give me a dollar or few.

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  15 Responses to “Problems after HP Touchpad webOS Update”

  1. Hi I just got a Touchpad and it updated the OS overnight to 3.0.5.  I tried and follow your instructions, but my moboot still won’t show android only webOS.  I’m using the following files.  Can you pls advise as it’s my first time doing this.  Thank you very much:

    1) novacome-win-32
    2) ACMEInstaller
    3) update-cm-7.1.0-tenderloin-a3.5-fullofbugs.zip.md5
    4) moboot_0.3.5
    5) update-cwm_tenderloin-1012.zip.md5

    • I find liliputing.com very informative and easy to follow. Had no probs with installation. When using cm9 u need acmeinstaller2. If using cm7 u need acme installer file. That’s the only diff between the two android alphas. BTw cm7 the Netflix works. Cm9 camera and Netflix don’t wrk

      • @jcruz: NO, ACMEInstaller2 is for CM9.  From what I see on his list of files he’s got (or he’s trying to install) the CM7.1 Alpha 3.5 which works okay with ACMEInstaller

      • @ Jcruz41: Thanks for the suggestion.  I will try this as well… I’m just lost as to why the moboot isn’t working…everything seems to work as instructed

    • @chad: did you have Android on it before it updated itself to 3.0.5?

      • @DeputyCIO:disqus 
        :  I did not have android before the WebOs 3.0.5 update.  I tried to istall Android after the fact.  Which I believe is the issue.  So far all I’ve been able to find are issues for people who have android prior to 3.0.5 update.  But none for those who have 3.0.5 and before andorid. 

        • OK, since you obviously have the moboot installed I suggest installing Android one more time. Just download a fresh copy of the CM7.1 Alpha 3.5 from http://goo-inside.me/roms/cmtouchpad/alpha3.5, copy it to cminstall folder on TouchPad and rerun the novacom command.

          Before you do that, check whether the folder cminstall exists and whether it’s empty. If it’s not, let me know what’s in there. If it is (or if it doesn’t exist) put the downloaded zip file from above in it and proceed with installation.

          In any case let me know how it goes – I’m curious.

        • Just making sure, you didn’t unzip the Android installation zip file, did you? The only file that needed unzipping before installation in that entire set is ACMEInstall (which I can tell you’ve done right, otherwise your boot manager wouldn’t be there).

    • @chad: did you have Android on it before it updated itself to 3.0.5?

  2. I understamd how to do all of this, but my computer isn’t recognizing my TP at all. I’ve tried just plugging it in and in USB mode (using power + volume up). It’s been frozen for almost two days now and nothing is working. 🙁
    (I do have CM7 on it.)

    • Ouch.  If it’s still frozen I’d first try to let it discharge to zero battery.  If after that and another boot nothing else works, try webOS Doctor to reinstall webOS from scratch and only after that you can try to get CyanogenMod back where it was (although webOS may get wiped, CM may still be there, although invisible and inaccessible at first)

      The link to webOS Doctor:  http://ws.hpwebos.com/webosdoctor/sorry.htm 

    • Ouch.  If it’s still frozen I’d first try to let it discharge to zero battery.  If after connecting it to the charger and booting nothing else works, chare it to over 25% and try webOS Doctor to reinstall webOS from scratch and only after that you can try to get CyanogenMod back where it was (although webOS may get wiped, CM may still be there, although invisible and inaccessible at first)

      The link to webOS Doctor:  http://ws.hpwebos.com/webosdoctor/sorry.htm 

  3. I have a new HP touchpad with only WEBOS on it. When I followed the whole instructions and then proceed to the cmd. I type in the command in the cmd and press enter and then nothing happens but the touchpad turns to show the HP logo and stays like this forever. No double penguin, no installing android. nothing at all. Please help Im stuck and i really need help

  4. I had cm9 on my touchpad and it updated webos and I am stuck in the boot loop. I can’t dl webos doctor. It keeps asking for a webos profile but i dont have one.

  5. I don’t remember the email address used

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