Jan 242012

Wow, we seem to really have pulled this off. The anti-SOPA/PIPA campaign was a huge success. My website went dark for almost entire day, redirecting all visitors to americancensorship.org. Was it worth it? You bet it was to me.

Just as I stated in my post about the internet politics vs. politicians, there’s a battle outside and it’s ragin’, but the worldwide political changes induced by the internet-empowered people seem to accelerate quicker than expected even by the optimists. It also seems that nobody except some oppressive regimes can control this trend, but even they can do it only temporarily and at a great cost which ultimately makes them fail and fall. With its amazing power constantly growing, some authors go as far as describing the Internet as an emanation of God.

I wonder how far this can and will go. While some corrupt politicians are worried about their past and the future, the ordinary people are wearing a big Cheshire cat grin on their faces because our voice finally counts. With this organized internet activity against the legislation initiated by some of our sponsor-happy politicians we made a difference and changed the balance of powers. Maybe this model will in the long run be the way to end the rule of the lobbyists and special interest and decrease the suffering and restore the rule “of the people, by the people, for the people” (as said by nobody else but the great Abraham Lincoln).

Furthermore, many smart people already pointed out that the recent Megaupload shutdown proves that it’s possible to fight piracy with current laws and without making it very convenient to shut down the little guy accused (not convicted) of any music, video and software piracy, in a package that gives the big businesses even more tools for their infamous legal bullying. That’s what’s so bad about SOPA/PIPA, but I still believe this is (or at least could again become) a free country where everybody is innocent until proven guilty, and not the opposite like in countries of oppressive regimes.

The SOPA/PIPA legislation was a non-partisan threat which mobilized masses on all ends of the political spectrum to protect the nation’s best interest and the progress of Humanity. Now, after the second year’s anniversary of a horrible supreme court decision that enabled selling our decision makers’ support to those willing to pay most, it is time we fight that big evil, the Citizens United supreme court decision, currently benefiting special interest and corporate interest groups and corporations instead of the individual voters. As some have pointed out, changing a supreme court decision takes decades and we should instead push for a constitutional amendment for abolition of corporate personhood.

For the end, here’s what I often say to some of my friends who think that some extremely rich guy with a fancy puff of hair could be a good president: Just because someone doesn’t hesitate to declare bankruptcy, destroy retirement funds, fire everybody and sell businesses into pieces to increase his profits, it doesn’t mean he could be a good and honorable leader. You can’t dismantle and sell a country and fire its citizens when the whole thing is not profitable any more. You must love them.

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