Jan 022011

As I keep searching for adequate replacements of my old iPhone apps in the Android world, I will keep updating this list.

The current list of all Android apps on my phone can be found at http://www.appbrain.com/user/deputycio/apps-on-the-htc-evo-4g

Here is the list of the most important iPhone apps I was using before migrating to Android and whether I found and installed a replacement:

iPhone Apps / Chosen Android alternative:

  • Amazon Kindle e-book reader / same (Android version installed)
  • Appigo Notebook (replacement for iPhone notes – synchronizes with web Toodledo notes) – Ultimate To-Do List: so far my favorite after trying several GTD clients on Android, because it’s both feature rich and it seamlessly integrates with both Toodledo’s tasks (better than Toodledo’s sophomoric Android app), AND notebook (notes) section.  Well worth $5.
  • Cheap Gas (lists nearby gas stations and prices) / same app, different name (GasBuddy)
  • Dictionary.com Unabridged / same app, but the Android version doesn’t work without an Internet connection so I need an alternative
  • Discovery Channel (TV) / same
  • Dragon Dictation / not needed with Android’s superb built-in voice recognition.  Also installed Vlingo for voice control, but removed after determining its features are similar to the built-in ones.
  • Facebook / same
  • FCC Test (Bandwidth test done by/for Uncle Sam) / same
  • FourTrack (four channel music recorder/mixer) / Testing Uloops Studio Lite
  • GigBaby (four channel music recorder/mixer with built-in rhythm machine) / Testing Uloops Studio Lite
  • Google Mobile / same Android app, built-in
  • IMDB (Internet Movie Database client) / same
  • iSeismo (interesting seismic vibration sensor/grapher) / Seismo
  • ISS Visibility (calculates and shows when you can view the International Space Station on your sky) / ISS Lookout
  • Kayak – travel bargains / same
  • Linkedin (Business Social Networking) / Droidin
  • Memengo Wallet (passwords and other confidential info vault) – Evaluated B-Folders, but their PC version is $30.  Moxier is good, but in order to sync with other devices and computer you need to premium subscription of $20/YEAR.  Some love SplashID because it can be used on iPhone and Android, but the price is $10 for the phone plus $20 for the computer. Kuffs Password Safe is only 128 bit and it currently has a security issue on EVO where it can be reopen through multitasking without authentication.  I settled on KeePassDroid with strong 256 AES encryption, based on open source and compatible with free KeePass for Windows and Linux PCs and KeePassX for Mac.  No internet sync though (can email encrypted attachment to Gmail or save to dropbox), which is perfect for security control freaks. Still doesn’t fully support v2 kdbx files (read-only), so I export from my PC to phone’s microSD card to both kdb and kdbx files when connected as disk drive.
  • MoonPhase (need I explain?) / Solar and Moon calculator
  • Netflix / same (Streaming movies as of May 12, 2011)
  • NPR (National Public Radio) / NPR News
  • Pandora radio (free music streaming) / same
  • RedLaser (UPC barcodes scan and search) / Google Goggles & ScanLife Barcode Reader
  • Rhapsody client / even worse buggy resource hog on Android than on iPhone, bordering inoperable.  I unistalled it until I’m done with other apps and until they come up with a better version (or until I cancel my subscription) because it really doesn’t work.  Update February 2011: I tried it again and then uninstalled it and canceled the service because of constant issues with songs skipping, not playing and crashes. Pandora baby.
  • Shazam (Music recognition) / Sound Hound (even better, recognizes songs I hum to it! 🙂
  • Skobbler (free open source GPS turn by turn directions) / no need for that or for the bundled in Sprint navigation with Google’s superb and free pre-built turn-by-turn navigation.  This eliminates a need to buy a standalone or built-in car GPS system.
  • Skype / Tango (since “Skype Out” can’t call numbers on 3G or 4G Sprint network and there’s still no video chat, I cancelled my subscription); Experimenting with Yahoo Messenger, but the results are not satisfying at all – too many crashes and problems.  Tango is very promising because it is a cross-platform solution for video chat, so Android users can chat with iPhone users, but it still lacks a desktop client.
  • SkySafari Lite (stars position, real time and location based) / Google Sky Map (love it!)
  • Speed Test (Ookla) / http://speedtest.net in Android browser, no need for an app
  • Teamviewer (remote control a PC over Internet) / Teamviewer (this one requires a direct download from teamviewer.com, also had to temporarily allow third party sources to install)
  • Technician (Amateur Radio Exam Prep – yes I’m working on my HAM license) / PalmVE
  • Toodledo (web based task management client) / Ultimate To-Do List (awesome and well worth $5 – it replaces both To Do and Notes and integrates with both on Toodledo.com)
  • Trapster (speed traps, speed cameras) / same
  • TV.com / same
  • Twitter / same
  • USGSSeismic (realtime reporting of worldwide earthquakes) / Latest Quakes
  • WiFiFoFum (WiFi netwoks scanner) / WiFi Analyzer – better, awesome graphs!  WiFiFoFum exists for Android but it was buggy
  • WinAdmin (Remote Desktop to a PC) / WYSE PocketCloud
  • Yelp (reviews of restaurants and other neighborhood businesses) / same

Android apps I stumbled upon and installed during my search:

  • Compass (works so much better than iPhone’s compass)Instant Heart rate – reads your heart rate when you put your fingertip on the camera lense.
  • Mediafly – higher quality video shows than some youtube or most TV.com
  • Our Groceries – awesome multi-phone shopping list.  I Love it.  Example 1: wife and I walk into a store and split, each one crosses out items on their phone which updates the other almost in real time.  Example 2: wife doesn’t need to email/text me a groceries list any more, items appear in my phone as she enters them on hers

Still looking for Android replacements:

  • ASL Pro (sign language used as a common ground for teaching our babies the other 3 languages)
  • Baby Sign (same as above)
  • Here I Am (emails GPS coordinates of your current location)
  • Mobile Mouse (remote mouse control for PC and Mac)
  • Nice Trace (tracing routing to internet addresses and sites)
  • Take Me To My Car (records GPS car parking position)
  • WhiteNoise (noise/soundmachine)
  • Whois (determines who owns a domain or an IP address)
  • Wikihood (lists places of interest around your current location)

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