Dec 272011

iPhone ringtone on Android

I see that some visitors of this website keep hitting my Moving Custom Ringtones from iPhone to Android post by googling a version of the question from the title of this post, usually something like “can Android play m4r files”? As you may know, iPhone ringtone files usually carry the m4r extension, which doesn’t work on most Android phones. Well, I’ve got good news! And I’ve got a little tweak for you without which this won’t work, so here it is – very simple and short:

According to my testing on my Android phones and tablets, these files can be played on Android after their extension is changed from .m4r to .m4a. That’s all you have to do. Enjoy!

How did I come up with this solution? I have a number of my own custom iPhone ringtones created from my songs in iTunes (before I expelled iTunes from most of my computers) and one of the steps in the process was the exact opposite of what needs to be done here – you create an iPhone ringtone from an iTunes file after you hopefully chop and copy the best 30 seconds of a song you like and then you change the extension of the resulting file from m4a to m4r. Knowing that, when I was moving such a ringtone to my Android phone I tried to revert to the original extension and found out it worked just fine. So, again, to play an iPhone ringtone on Android you just have to change the file extension from .m4r back to .m4a. That’s all folks! You’re welcome!

  15 Responses to “Can Android Play iPhone Ringtones?”

  1. ok, then. thanks!

  2. works perfectly!

  3. That’s great thanks

  4. cool! it works also for winamp on PC this trick!

  5. Great thanks

  6. Thanks very much. Interestingly, could not change the extension in windows explorer – went into command and used old good DOS for it 🙂

  7. It does not work anymore with KitKat 🙁

  8. Awesome. Been wondering how to do this. Thanks so much!!

  9. So late to the Android party and trying to figure it all out. Thanks so much for the time-saving tip!

  10. Thank you so much!

  11. I’m trying to transfer ringtones I bought on the Apple store to be used on my new Android phone. Is there any way I can do this (similarly to copying music from iTunes) using Google Play, etc? Or will I have to repurchase the ringtones?

  12. you are A W E S O M E ! thanks

  13. Gracias Zarko!

    • It’s incredible to think that we still have such interoperability problems 5 years later …..

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