Dec 192011

Safe wireless communication and power
Hopefully some PC, Tablet, Smartphone, Monitor and TV manufacturers realize this soon and start innovating because the current market is pretty dull and based on old solutions:

1. Video cards need to be built into each screen. This way we wouldn’t overpay for an overkill video card in a small laptop that we’ll actually utilize once in a blue moon when we connect to a monitor or a HDTV via HDMI, if ever, and even then it might still be inapt to handle the full screen resolution at the required refresh rates. The manufacturers that make both screens and computers should do this first.

2. HDDs belong into our pockets. Preferably in something we always carry with us, how about our phones? That way we have all our data everywhere with us without having to depend on the cloud, although still able to back it up there.

3. The CPU speed is reaching saturation but the number of cores keeps increasing. Why not have the phone CPU as “e pluribus unum” and as such easily added to the pool of CPUs on a home computer or laptop/dock and taken off when leaving (I wrote more about this idea in my post about the “Laplet” computer)

4. Everything should be dockable.

5.Both docking and power should be wireless, including peripherals and components such as CPUs, HDD, touchpad (phone screen), keyboard, screen. Don’t be scared, wireless technology, just like cell phones, causes no harm.

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