Nov 302011

Hostgator Coupon codes:

4DEPUTYCIO – $9.94 off – good for basic plans

25DEPUTYCIO – 25% off – can give higher discounts on higher priced plans

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Throughout the last year I started a number of websites on my own and tried several different web hosting providers including GoDaddy, Network Solutions, Hostgator and Yahoo. My experience with Hostgator has been best and since I only put my name behind the products I use and believe in I decided to fully endorse Hostgator and become their affiliate.

I first heard about this provider from a fellow affiliate marketer who has a number of sites with them, keeps adding new ones, and doesn’t ever worry about moving. Then I did some research and found out they ranked highly on reputable websites that compared various web hosting providers, as opposed to those with web hosting domain names which are actually affiliates of various web hosting providers (you find out which once you see the one they list as the best). also has the highest possible rating with the Better Business Bureau (A+ on scale of A+ to F).

Hostgator is not the cheapest but they are darn close, and unlike many others they specialize in hosting only, and they offer so much broader spectrum of services and automated backups that I’m considering moving this site from GoDaddy even though I have two years to go (I selected GoDaddy in a hurry to start a website before completing research on hosting and I paid for three years in advance). If this site ( grows more I will definitely move it to Hostgator, but for now I have a number of other domains and sites there and I couldn’t be happier. They provide the best value for the money you spend on hosting.

While I’m happy with their services I’ll keep this affiliation status. If by any chance I change my choice, I will cut my affiliation as well, but so far I don’t see any cons. They are good for web entrepreneurs because their baby account allows unlimited domain names, unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth, while the hatchling account is the cheapest but good only for a single domain, for those who want to host one blog/site of their own. Of course, you can upgrade if you grow. If you go with a monthly plan you can always abandon your websites if you decide this is not for you. This is even easier on Hatchling and Baby plans where you can get the first month virtually for free (use one of the coupon codes I listed at the beginning of this post).

If you’re a first time blogger and just need one site, go with the Hatchling plan and you can always upgrade later. If you intend to go into affiliate marketing, go with the Baby plan. For those who want far more, these guys have a whole arsenal of plans and services, so go ahead, knock yourself out with blogging or web hosting for small change and great service.

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