Dec 252010

I love this “tank” of cell phones, as I already stated. The big battery arrived and now I can use everything all the time without comparing the battery time to that of a laptop. However, this device is far from perfection and I figured it wouldn’t be fair to only talk good things about it, so these are the things with HTC EVO 4G that frustrate me:

– Terrible, terrible battery life on standard EVO battery with everything enabled (this is why I bought the double capacity one, as stated in my previous post). It has so many great features, but the phone lasts only few hours if you are using it continuously for internet, videos or games with all of them enabled (talk time is longer). I want to have all features enabled all the time, or them taking care of power management in the background so I don’t have to worry about battery life. Fuel cell “batteries”, where are you?
– iPhone’s Google maps browsing two finger zoom works much better (I guess that’s why there’s a + and – at the screen bottom)
– the phone gets warm during 4G use with very active browsing with video, or during playing Angry Birds, a bit warmer than the iPhone
No Neflix Video streaming (iPhone has it) (Netflix works as of May 12, 2011)
– No Skype without a WiFi connection (iPhone has it both on 3G and WiFi) – What the heck!? EVO is supposedly used on the fastest network in the USA, and yet, they (either Sprint or Skype) don’t allow Skype calls over the data network.
– No Skype video chat. At all. (iPhone just got it) Why the heck does the phone have the front-facing camera when it is only limited to Qik?
– No Qik to PC Video chat possible. I’m exploring how functional it is on google voice and video chat (after all as an Android device it should be most compatible with Google technology, but finding valuable information online about this is like pulling teeth – there are questions everywhere and barely any answers).

Fring used to work with Skype, including video, but recently Skype killed this option, and the only Android phones that allow voice chat on Skype are on Verizon. Skype killed Sprint phones’ ability to have voice chat except when on WiFi. So, the only options for very limited video chat on EVO are Fring and Qik (wrong! I wrote this before I learned about Skype killing Fring and moreover, about Tango which is absolutely superior to both and also to Yahoo Messenger and FaceTime on iPhone 4. Why? Because it is the only cross-platform phone video chat solution that works seamlessly. According to reviews I’ve seen, Yahoo Messenger supposedly does the same though, but lousy, while Tango is simpler and works better than any other. However, the first can connect to a PC while the latter cannot.) This is not good for people who want to chat with computer users (most of my overseas friends and relatives use Skype).

Lack of Skype functionality was giving me second thoughts because it is ridiculous to have such a great device limited to so very few solutions and I thought Android devices are supposed to be open, but Skype is the one who is dragging their feet here, and I’m already fed up with them not working on PS3 after years of expectations (it works on PSP). So here my rant about HTC EVO and Sprint is taking another direction and hitting Skype. Instead of repeatedly stating I am tired of Skype… did I just do that?… I better stay positive and talk again about the great new thing – do you Tango? Tango is one of few cross-platform video chat apps that work both on iPhone AND Android phones, so you can video chat with your friends regardless of what mobile network or phone they are using, as long as they have a camera (front facing for best results) and data plan. It is also seamlessly integrating with your phone book, and it finds your friends who already have it installed based on their cell phone number in your contacts list. It is very promising, but it still doesn’t have a desktop client, so for now you can video chat only phone to phone (not only on WiFi like Skype but even on 3G and 4G). A lot of people are requesting a desktop client, so if Tango owners/management/developers are wise, they will have it up soon, because they now have the edge to get ahead of Skype and they may lose it soon because Skype just announced video chat on iPhones.

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