Dec 082010

Am I the only one finding Bluetooth devices slow, noisy, buggy, low quality, low range, low security? My animosity towards Bluetooth goes way beyond phone headsets – I always try to avoid Bluetooth keyboards and mice (OS has to be up for them to work). The only system using Bluetooth technology that I’ve never had any problems with is the PlayStation 3 with its controllers and remotes. Maybe that (remote controls) is the perfect use for Bluetooth, but perhaps Sony was a bit ahead of its time – you know how the saying goes, the rooster that crows too early ends up in a soup.

I can’t wait for high quality wireless headsets. According to my experience of over five years, Bluetooth is not it, unless you are in a perfect, low noise environment (both audio and radio waves) AND having your phone 2 ft away from your headset on the same side. Maybe I’m too tall, or maybe my ribcage has some metal in it (no, I’m not a cyborg) and somehow acts as a Faraday cage, but wearing my phone on my belt and a Bluetooth headset on the opposite ear always produced bad quality, so now I know my limits. Throughout my history I tried multiple phones like various Blackberries, Razr, iPhone 3G, 3GS, with many different headsets like Jabras, Plantronics, Jawbones, to name some, and it was never perfect.

I still have several sets, but nowadays I’m more apt to use my smartphone’s earphones with microphone instead – no interference and more importantly, the person I’m talking to can hear me very well.

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