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Many people share the common misconception that all and any radiation is dangerous, including the one coming from cellular phones. This is due to the fact that most don’t understand the difference between the two types of radiation, the quite dangerous ionizing (radioactive) radiation, and not so dangerous non-ionizing radiation of electromagnetic waves used in radio transmissions, broadcasts and mobile communication, as well as in the microwave ovens.

Ionizing radiation is comprised of high energy sub-atomic particles and can be dangerous even in relatively small doses that can result in internal cell damage caused by free radicals. Non-ionizing radiation in form of low energy electromagnetic waves can be dangerous only in immense amounts that cause thermal damage to the tissues like in a microwave.

The danger from ionizing radiation (radioactivity) is the main reason why nuclear reactors are built far away from populated areas, protected by thick layers of concrete, lead and other radiation-absorbing materials. Unlike nuclear reactors, cell towers, cell phones, radio antennas and electrical equipment have nothing to do with radioactivity and ionizing radiation. Their non-ionizing radiation is not dangerous and that’s why they are so widely used and spread throughout the world. Here are the two drastic examples from the history of human kind that show the danger of one and no similar danger from the other type of radiation:

Marie Curie, the famous chemist and physicist and double Nobel prize winner worked with radioactive isotopes and was the main contributor in creation of a theory of radioactivity, a term she coined. Due to her work in radioactive environment, she died at the age of 66 of aplastic anemia, caused by exposure to ionizing radiation.

On the other hand, Nikola Tesla, the famous genius, engineer and inventor who changed the world with his numerous inventions in areas of electricity and radio waves, had spent so much time in many labs and surroundings abundant and saturated with electromagnetic and radio waves due to all kinds of low and high frequency currents, Tesla coils and even numerous experiments with wireless transfer of significant amounts of energy, some of which used to knock down an entire power plant. Had electromagnetic radiation been dangerous, he would have died a young man, but he didn’t.  He lived to be close to 87 years old.  

There are so many theories that radiation from cellular phones can affect living organisms, but although cell phones have been around for decades, nobody has been able to scientifically confirm any of these claims. Although WHO recently said that cell phones can possibly cause cancer, it has been impossible to prove any negative effects of normal amounts of non-ionizing radiation to human health.  

I am skeptical about the recently published findings that a cell phone call can alter some brain functions – perhaps a land line phone call can cause the same brain activity as it enters a phone call communication mode. Either way, the study had a very limited sample and didn’t result in any proof about any negative impact. Cell phones emanate very low amounts of the very low energy non-ionizing radiation and so far the only proven negative and sometimes deadly effect of cell phone use is when they’re used for texting while driving.

Here are some of the biggest studies that show no increase in incidence of cancer in population that uses cell phones (there are so many of them online that I only picked the three biggest and most important ones):

Denmark’s cohort study of 350,00 users from 1990-2007

Denmark’s earlier cohort study of 420,000 users from 1982 – 1995

World Health Organization Study


  3 Responses to “Is Cell Phone Radiation Dangerous?”

  1. Cell phone radiation can be very hazardous to people who do not tolerate it.  Just like some people smoke for decades without getting lung cancer.  But there are plenty of other associated illnesses and conditions linked to microwave radiation.

    I know people who cannot be in close proximity to cell phones and others who have been sickened by towers and Smart meters worldwide.  Whoever wrote this, I hope you’re being paid by the cell phone industry because you and you possible addiction is aiding them in their denial propagation.  There’s plenty of scientific research that suggests that the microwave cesspool we’ve been forced to live in may have overwhelming health effects in the future.

    As far as Tesla goes… I recently read that in his later years he developed electromagnetic hypersensitivity.  This condition is one you would never want to experience…but sadly, people like you need to experience it for a more realistic understanding of what’s really going on here– not the microwave addicted hype being pushed– just like the pro-cigarette propaganda of prior ages.  Hopefully none of your loved will ever know…NOT! 

    • And your sources are?

      • So glad that you asked.  Surprised that you would not do any homework before making such sweeping statements.  Frankly, all you can say is that you aren’t affected.  You really can’t speak for anyone else.  The cigarette phenom in human history proves that we move towards things that are unhealthy for life.  History has proven this time and time again.  It always amazes me how people can make excuses and denials for what they enjoy as fetishes, phobias and addictions.

        Yes.  you’re beloved microwave revolution is already makes its wrath and destroying lives across the board.  If you were a rational researcher, you could have done the research also and you could have provided a balanced account of people’s reality.  Who knows what may be lurking in your body right now or in future.  We just don’t know do we?

        So here is a small place for you to begin your meager quest.  Only time will tell how bad humanity has screwed itself up this time.  And by the way, carbon emissions may or may not be contributing to climate change, but can we at least agree that microwaves are known to heat up water and by jove we are living on a planet that is 2/3 water.  I am always amazed at these scientific morons who get so turned on by their “bad science.”  And it’s always funny and refreshing to see when their science later reverses its claims due to “new science.” Maybe it was just the ignored science that no one wanted to hear or accept.

        Start here:
        1.  A Primer on Electromagnetic Sensitivity- Michael P. Milbure, PhD.

        2.  http://www.electrosensivity.org/qu.htm

        3.  New Scientist (Sept. 30, 1989) book review p. 60. Electromagnetic Man (Health and hazard in the electric environment- Cyril W. Smith and Simon Bass pp.344.

        4.  Bioinitiative Report (August 2007) (600 pages) Edited by Cindy Sage MA and David Carpenter MD (the latter recently appeared on Gary Null’s Progressive Commentary Hour on Jan. 9th 7PM http://www.ProgressiveRadioNetwork.com The report is chock full of research and symptomology.

        Here’s another gem– Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland former head of Norway and former head of the WHO was microwave sensitive and got sick from cellphones 13 feet in her proximity.  Of course she was replaced by a former telecom flunkie. MONEY, not truth is the god we trust. 

        While you’re at it research all of the websites and organizations now raising up world-wide to challenge your fetish. Groups like the Cellphone Task Force out of Phoenix AZ, Check out eSens( a Yahoo group sharing their experiences 24/7.  Oh and you might as well check out Mast-Victims.org in the UK.

        All sides have a right to comment on this human and biological experiment which won’t fully play out on the human genome for about 40 years.  Then we’ll really have a better grasp on the REAL science, not what all you Jetsonites wish was true.  Be thankful you haven’t become one of the suffering.  But please don’t try to speak for the affected.  People are quite capable of knowing what their problems and the causes are whether we deny them or not. 

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