Nov 092011

I’ve been job and soul searching for quite a while and finding much more of the latter. Like many others, I’ve been also looking into making money on the internet, but most programs leave me a bit skeptical. I am slowly getting tired of the get rich quick schemes and I will here reveal a different, much easier way of quickly getting rich. Most of the other programs offer great results IF you buy their course, and start selling it to people like you who want to easily get rich on the internet, which they can if they buy your course and start selling it to the others who can get rich quick if they buy their course… you get the point.

This is why I would kind of hesitate to call myself an entrepreneur even if I were one. The term has been used a lot lately and it is starting to get a negative connotation. Think about it – I suppose everybody wants to get rich quickly so if these people manage to persuade all of us that they know the way, sooner or later you will have everybody on the internet signing up for the get rich quick course and this world will run out of people. I know that the population is increasing and the number of people on this planet has just surpassed 7 billion, but still, we can’t make the wannabe rich as fast as the get rich quick programs need them. They will run out of customers soon, so to me this seems like a good old pyramid scheme, just applied in a new environment.

The only recipe for getting rich quickly that I’ve read recently and that works better than many others can be summarized in three words, and I didn’t read it on the internet. It’s a secret known to a few privileged ones, but I will reveal it to you right here and right now. Ready?

Count your blessings. 🙂

Now that you know that and if you still want to make money on the internet it’s time to get to work.

Here are some good reads:

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A good humorous/sarcastic post:
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