Oct 242011

Hah, I knew it!

Two major research studies published last week (October 2011) just confirmed what scientists have been showing to most of us for many years. It’s a shame that many people don’t care or know barely anything about science, not to mention its importance in understanding things around us.

Three Decades of Research

It has been once again confirmed that cell phone radiation doesn’t cause cancer. Another huge study from Denmark was just published, spanning throughout seventeen years (1990-2007) and over 350,000 cell phone users, and it again found no trace of increased risk of any cancer among cell phone users. A similar previous study involved tracking of 420,000 cell phone users throughout thirteen years (1982-1995) with same results – nothing found. Nobody can beat this sample breadth and extent of research, but everybody comes up with same results.

People need to realize once and for all that electromagnetic radiation (cell phones, radio and microwaves) has nothing to do with radioactive (ionizing) radiation found in nuclear reactors, nuclear explosions, x-ray machines and nuclear isotopes. Radiation from cell phones is not harmful because it has way lower particle energy levels and it can’t cause release of harmful free radicals inside our body cells. Cellular phones cause no cellular damage. Three decades of extensive worldwide research never found any increased incidence of any cancer among cell phone users. The biggest harm from cell phones doesn’t come from radiation – it’s from using them while driving. The rest of you who still don’t believe these results better cancel your cell phone subscription and get your tin foil hat ready.

Getting Hot in Here

Global warming exists and it’s not mild despite the willingness of many people to blindly believe in Mickey Mouse stories served by the corporate interest “experts” just because they sound conveniently better than reality.

A new independent study on global warming published by Berkeley confirmed previous findings about the measured average temperature increase throughout the last half century. Same results of a smaller study with looser rules have been previously constantly attacked as biased and tweaked, but the new study involved rigorous peer control and an impressive number of 39,000 weather stations worldwide, five times the number of the original. Don’t turn a blind eye to it – let’s face it and get real. Children are much better than grownups with realizing this, but that makes sense just because they will be much more at loss later due to our ignorance and arrogance.

Most people will rather look for a probable cause to dump the scary global warming as a mad scientist story just because it is not good news. What’s (not) helping them is the disqualifying propaganda of lobbyists and sold politicians, similar to that of a different time when tobacco “was not harmful”, or another one trying to persuade us that GMO food is “beneficial and healthy”.

But let’s look at some of the major alarming global facts visible everywhere: Most if not all mammoths from tens of thousands of years ago have been already thawed, unexpectedly huge icebergs are breaking off the polar caps and floating in the sea, some tens of thousands of years old glaciers recently ceased to exist, NASA time lapse satellite photos show rapid decrease in polar ice caps. What other evidence do you need to see???

Most other countries are well ahead of us in their efforts to conquer and limit CO2 emissions. Trust me, no matter if or how much you hate Al Gore, he’s right about global warming. It’s about time the rest of us get really serious about it, especially the ones with kids. If you don’t believe me, believe the facts from above and from the links listed below. It took me 5 minutes to find the links below, and there’s tons of similar facts constantly flowing in from around the world, but of course, that’s something that’s not popular because it may not be a happy-ending Hollywood story unless we do something about it.

Fast Melting Glaciers Exposed A 7,000 Years Old Fossil Forest

Andes Glaciers Revealing 50,000 Years Old Plants

18,000 Old Glacier in Bolivia Vanished in Half Century

Antarctica Melting

Ongoing Permafrost Thaw May Speed Up Global Warming

Skeptic’s “DUH Study” Financed by Conservatives and Oil Industry Confirms Global Warming

Going Down The UP Escalator

Indeed, we are stealing from our future and even more from our kids’ future. Don’t pay attention to people who say there’s no global warming. They’re just ignorant. Get involved and look carefully who is trying to fool you and who is aware of the problem and trying to protect our planet and our children. Don’t vote for bigots.

I am amazed how much the global warming problem is neglected by the public and the media, but when the fossil fuel lobby comes to my mind, I’m not. But here are some questions for all the fossil fuel industry executives and their lobbyists and politicians: what’s more important – your career or your kids’ future? Do you care more about your company than about humanity? Do you know that the only successful parasites are those which don’t kill their host, hence a symbiotic approach to this planet and human kind is much better than parasitic?

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