Oct 212011

EDIT November 24, 2011 – Also see my post about the Alpha 3 release of CyanogenMod Android for TouchPad published on November 22, 2011.

A new version of CyanogenMod Android for Touchpad (Alpha 2.1) is out and I’ve just installed (updated to) it with no problems. It’s supposed to fix a number of issues, such as the black screen of sleep (required reboot), WiFi not coming up on wake, Touchstone charging etc. (there’s an entire list of fixes listed at the RootzWiki CyanogenMod Touchpad port page). Please note that this is not for the faint of heart, so don’t mess with it unless you willing to risk bricking your HP Touchpad (rendering it useless).

Just as I expected, I’m growing very fond of the Android/Touchpad combination – voice recognition works great and the overall experience is MUCH better with Android – no slowdowns. The thing is zipping through menus and apps faster than the iPad and much faster than on (even when overclocked and tweaked) webOS. I’m sorry, I really love some of the features of webOS, but its lagging on the Touchpad is legendary.

There are two ways of updating to the new version, one with ACMEinstaller and the much easier one with ClockworkMod recovery (if you have it installed), which doesn’t even require that you connect the tablet to a PC – just download the file from Android, remember where you left it and reboot to ClockworkMod to install it. But this is just a quick summary. The links with real instructions and the file to download are listed below. Read them.

There are two sets of instructions I read, the original at RootzWiki and the more polished one at liliputing.com. I prefer the latter. Good luck.

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