Oct 192011

UPDATE October 21, 2011 – Netflix has issued an update that fixed this problem (as tested on my EVO with CM7.1).

On October 19, 2011 Netflix app asked me to install an update on my HTC EVO 4G running CyanogenMod 7.1. After I did it, it left me with audio only and no video – playing a movie gives me only its sound and a blank screen. If I touch it, it gives me the cc options and pause/play button, but that’s all. I’d put this on CyanogenMod forums but my antivirus keeps giving me a malware alert whenever I go there. If anybody has a similar problem, and/or if you have a solution, please comment.

UPDATE October 20, 2011 – since I don’t watch movies on my tablet (that’s what big screen TVs are for) I just reinstalled Netflix on my HP Touchpad Android CM7.1 and confirmed that the new version of the app kills the video and leaves you with sound only. In addition, I’ve seen in Netflix reviews in Android Market that Netflix messed this up on numerous phones, not only with CM, but also Google Nexus.

If you have a CM7.1 Android phone and use it to watch movies on Netflix, do not allow the app to update itself until you find out this issue has been resolved.

Possible Fix

UPDATE 2 October 20, 2011 – I fixed mine by downloading this version. Needed to enable install from unknown sources first. I did this on my Touchpad which I’m still using for testing. I may wait for the official Netflix fix on my phone. (Disclaimer – this is how I’ve done it. I’m not saying that this is how you should do it. There are no guarantees this is a good and proper way of fixing it. You should wait for the official version… good luck with that.)

UPDATE October 21, 2011 – Netflix has fixed this problem with today’s update.

  6 Responses to “Netflix Blank Screen on HTC EVO CyanogenMod 7.1”

  1. Same problem here.

  2. It is the Netflix update from yesterday that killed the video streaming on many phones, (not only CM7.1) – I updated the post with more info.

    • I fixed mine on the HP Touchpad tablet (test environment) and updated the post. Don’t want to touch the phone yet.

  3. October 21 – A new Netflix update seems to have fixed the problem on my EVO w/ CM7.1 (just tested.)

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