Oct 052011

I didn’t like some of your solutions and yet, sometimes later, I’d understand why. That’s how you kept Apple on the trend-setting technology throne for ages.

I wasn’t an Apple fanboy and recently I even decided I shouldn’t spend another cent on Apple products, but still, I am (and my posts are) full of respect for your reasoning and technology directions.

Once I had an iPhone. My kids have them now. My 89 years old dad has an iPad. Thank you for that, and thank you for the good feeling whenever I took out my iPhone during its early days on my overseas trips. Although it wasn’t made in the USA, it was still something very American, something genuine and truly good enough to be proud of. It was designed here and it had that Apple retro American feel I can only compare to the feel of the things from the verge of my memory, from my grandfather’s “magic attic” (place where he kept all the numerous goodies he brought with him from the USA when he retired half a century ago).

We thank you. Rest in peace.

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