Oct 062011

If you are a tablet manufacturer lagging behind and trying to get a share of the market, just follow blindly and copy the trend-setter. Don’t even try to offer new features and become better than the original (sarcasm).

One of many reasons why I ditched the iPhone last year was the lack of replaceable battery. If your battery becomes aggravated (dies), your phone needs to be sentenced (shipped) to be serviced.

Smartphone manufacturers seem to have had the common sense so we are lucky to have very few ‘dumbphones’ without a replaceable battery. The swappable battery is a standard that remained even after Apple stormed the market. However, what happened to tablet designers? Is Toshiba the only major manufacturer with common sense? (Its Thrive tablet has a swappable battery.)

Just like most new phones come with universal micro USB chargers (thanks to EU for being smart and useful in this case, and more or less setting the standard for the entire world), there should be a standard for batteries… oh well, who am I kidding… Let’s reduce my request to the one I can make on behalf of the National Society for Swappable Tablet Batteries*: swapping battery on a tablet should be easy. This excludes legacy devices like the iPad, Xoom, Galaxy, Eee Pad, Transformer, Playbook, Touchpad (this one at least has inductive charging) and similar.


*Member of The National Society of National Societies, Department of Redundancy Department**


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