Oct 042011

Google+ is slowly gaining territory and if nothing else, forcing Facebook to adopt new features. I’m mostly frustrated by the cumbersome way Facebook does its own metamorphosis, for example, if I choose to share my status post with a previously (before the change) custom created list (not to spam people who don’t understand one of the languages I speak), they can all see the list of everyone I’m sharing it with. UGH! Still, Google at least made them move in right direction.

Statistics is an extremely flexible science. Numbers in a recent article are showing iOS as a huge winner, but they actually show a combination of tablets and smartphones. Take out the tablets and you have totally different numbers. Even today’s news from Apple’s iPhone 4S dog and pony show are stating that the iPhone counts for about 1 in every 20 phones in use worldwide. Another recent study shows that Android is in this quarter (again) gaining more users than the iPhone and yet another says that Android is getting close to 50% of all new smartphones shipped worldwide.

This is not by accident. Google is working hard on attracting users to their liberated data corrals. One of the “secret weapons” that Google+ provides for users with Android phones (and iPhone as well, by the way) is its photos and videos instant upload. Very few people realize how convenient and flexible this is. I love the fact that I no longer have to worry about backing up my photos and videos whenever I’m wiping my phone (and I do that often). Google+ does it for me automatically and in the background all the time.

Wait until the ever increasing critical mass of people with Android phones realizes how seamless and convenient this is and how later you can just select which ones to publish to either Google+ or to both + and Facebook (yes, there are ways to integrate your posts/photos on both networks). The photo deal is is a huge advantage for me. Yes, some will say it’s good only for people on unlimited data plan, but its configuration options are very flexible, so you can set it up to upload only on WiFi, or only when charging, or only when charging and on WiFi, etc…. Sweet.

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