Oct 012011

Every now and then I run into a post or an article that’s split into several pieces with “click here to continue reading” interludes. Whenever I see that, I leave. This is the way “Mr. superblogger” is trying to manipulate us visitors to decrease their bounce rates and increase their page views, meanwhile getting us showered with ads, hoping we will click on more stuff and bring more cash, cash, cash. These are deceptive marketing tricks used to convert articles into attention-grabbers and pure human-curiosity-exploiters. I have no respect for that technique.

It would be nice these guys respected their readers and tried to make us come back again, instead of trying to condition us to keep clicking like Pavlov’s dogs to see what point they are trying to make with their teasers (usually not worth viewing). I’m tired of people trying to make money from each and every click of each and every of their visitors. Whenever I get junk like that, I don’t continue reading. I go elsewhere where authors write their articles with less premeditation and more genuine urge to share their experience and knowledge. You won’t see that garbage on this website.

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