Jun 092011

As you know Sony is offering two free games to its PlayStation Network customers who have been affected by their outage and security breach. These are the offered choices with my selection (PS3 games only):

Dead Nation

Anything with zombies, vampires and other undead fantasies is an absolute horror to me – horror by boredom. Crossed out.


Good plot, bike messenger getting super powers and fighting/surviving in a messed up open type city. Not 100% my type but considering the alternatives this seems to be the best of the offered freebies with great reviews, although old (2009 – a new sequel is out). I’m in.

Little Big Planet

I’m not thrilled with platform games (jump around, jump around), but it will do better than the remaining two. I’m in.

Super Stardust HD

Sort of a 3D game. I say sort of because there’s a 3D scene behind your action scene, but your commands and actions are only and entirely 2D. I used to have a demo of this game and there’s not much 3D in it – it’s like an old-fashioned arcade type on steroids with improved HD background. You’re moving around planets, yes, but that’s still pure Euclidean geometry, not enough for me. It would have been mind-blowing in the 90s, not today. Crossed out

Wipeout HD

Although I love driving and racing games, this one is too arcade-ish for me. After watching a gameplay video on youtube it seems like I’d get bored with it very easily and quickly. Crossed out.

Before making a decision for yourself at least watch some youtube videos of these games and see what suits you most.

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