May 292011

If you just got “He’s Dead, Jim!” message in Google Chrome, and you’re not familiar with Star Trek, relax. This is most likely not a message from a virus. This simply means Google Chrome was not able to display a page because something went wrong with a process and it got terminated. For example, last time I got this page I was trying to access a website while my computer started shutting down for a scheduled restart after installing Windows updates.

The phrase “He’s dead, Jim!” is often used by techies in the USA for a non-responsive software application, device or electronic circuit. It was originally used several times by Dr. Leonard H. “Bones” McCoy, a fictional Chief Medical Officer on the starship Enterprise in original Star Trek show. Jim is short for James, which in this case is the very James T. Kirk, Captain Kirk of the USS Enterprise. Click here to see Google’s explanation of this page.

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  2. THANK YOU!!!!!! I’ve been trying to kill this dead jim “virus” for several months now. Spent HOURS restoring my laptop several times!!!!!

    • You’re welcome.  Do you see this message often?  I see it only few times a year and I use Chrome more often than other browsers.  Compliments on restores – this means you take care of your backups – most people don’t.

  3. I’m not getting a “he’s dead jim” I got “You’re dead jim” my whole screen went black then a blue box saying that came on and my computer went on the fritz then shut down. Is this still the same thing?

    • Not sure, most likely not, but I’ve never seen that. Sorry. Is the computer back up?  Is it Windows, Mac, or a Chromebook? Any luck googling it?
      ——– Original message ——–

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