May 242011

A 10″ amazing Amazon Android tablet with improved Kindle-type E Ink high resolution color touch screen would be the holy grail of tablets. Unfortunately, it seems that there are no signs of this technology maturing in the near future, and it looks like Amazon is getting ready to make a (hopefully temporary) compromise and start selling Amazon tablets with similar glossy LCD screens they nag against in their Kindle ads (unless they at least make them anti-glare).

Each time I read or hear more rumors about Amazon possibly selling a color Kindle, I dream of the day or year when E Ink or similar technology will be improved and perfected so that it would have vivid and accurate colors, high resolution and good refresh rate for motion video, while still keeping its low power consumption that lets it run for days without charge, when we could finally see this technology replace currently inapt LCD glossy screens. Let’s face it, all these screens are still here only because no better technology exists. Once they get improved or replaced so that just like on the Amazon Kindle, the screen can be equally visible and legible in both very dark and very bright places, that will be a holiday for our eyes which keep getting hurt with all the glare other manufacturers keep showering us with.

All these years I’ve felt like most laptops, smartphones, tablets, plasma TVs and similar gadgets are made for anti-social vampire types who never get out in the sun. Many times I’ve taken my laptop or even smartphone outside on a beautiful sunny day, only to find out that it’s a painful or at least eye-straining and counterproductive experience and that if I really want to do something good outside on such a device, I have to find a good shade, or wait until after sunset. Until these problems are behind us, it seems that the only possible intellectual activity outside on a sunny day is a good Kindle read.

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