May 142011

If CNET news are correct, soon there may be a new high resolution music format available. About time.

One of the reasons why I only bought a few songs from iTunes was their limited bit rate (besides their closed system). I stopped buying any music from them as soon as I discovered that. The great side effect of that decision showed years later when I moved to Android and later Amazon Cloud Music service on it and had problems transferring only several songs I bought from iTunes. Although Google has a new music service, I am sticking with Amazon, not because I love the cloud (I always avoid storing any confidential or personal files in the cloud) but because of the complete set of features and flexibility that Amazon’s music service provides, but more about that in one of my next posts.

Back to the subject and what’s been bugging me for quite some time: the entertainment industry keeps complaining about file sharing and piracy, but they still have a lot of money and influence over our judicial system which obediently cut hundred thousand dollar and higher fines to some home users who downloaded and/or shared several songs, (reminder, each song’s online value is usually about $1) even though they didn’t make any money with that activity. However, the same industry continues double-dipping and getting a lot of cash from consumers who re-purchase their already owned songs and movies on new media formats.

After I first collected a great deal of records on vinyl as a kid, along came the CD format, so I bought my favorite albums again, and now I will have to pay for the same copyright on hi-res audio one more time. Same thing happened with my favorite movies – I had them on VHS first, then on DVD, and now on Blu-ray. Some videophiles went even more extreme because they first had movies on Beta, then moved on to VHS and Laserdisc, then bought many movies in DVD format and finally they are buying everything again on Blu-ray. So, similarly, the music industry now wants to attract me to pay one more time for the songs I already own and they may succeed. Ugh! Shouldn’t consumers who already own the music or video on one media have a discount for buying it on other?

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