May 122011

I was a big proponent and one of the first adopters of Blu-ray technology as I am usually an early adopter of many new bells and whistles. One would expect that like with many other technologies I’d be jumping on the 3D wagon right away. Well, this time I’ve fallen off the technology wagon. Even after seeing a number of 3D movies in the movie theaters with my kids I keep my initial opinion: 3D scenes are not as sharp, they are always darker and the colors are never as vivid as when you see the same scene in 2D technique.

In a recent outstanding article about cheap HDMI cables (see a much shorter and funnier version I first wrote many years ago on, Geoffrey Morrison of CNET answered someone’s question about “3D HDMI cables” and whether they have to be different and better than the 2D cables, which is often a fake argument of some commission-paid salespeople. Geoffrey’s answer was “Total BS. 3D is actually less bandwidth than 1080p/60 2D. Turns out there’s a lot a confusion on this topic, so I’ll be doing a future blog post on it. If the cable can do 1080p/60, it can do 3D. Whether all your equipment can do 3D, that’s a different question.”

There you go, in my book 3D technology has a lot of improvement to do. Until then, I’ll occasionally watch a 3D movie when I take my kids to the theater and if there’s no 2D version available, but no 3D will make it to my home for now.

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