Oct 272010

What should a future high end laptop/netbook include?  I’d love to see this:

1. Modular composite multi-core (Cell?) CPU build – The main CPU/Keyboard Chrome, Linux, Mac OS X or Windows unit with at least 4 or more cores. One or two more cores running Android, Chrome, Palm WebOS, or iPad iOS on the tablet screen when detached, otherwise contributing to the main CPU cores cluster (or the GPU), and one to two cores serving the detachable touchpad/touchscreen mobile phone.

2. Mirrored flash storage with one device in the CPU/keyboard and the other in the tablet/screen unit.  Separated they’d act individually, together they’d synchronize files when connected and run a mirrored drive, so if you spill or otherwise destroy the keyboard, you still have your files in the screen unit.

3. Detachable 12.1″ screen, not heavier than the first generation iPad.  Once detached it would run the standalone tablet OS (Android, iOS or WebOS).

4. The CPU/Keyboard section alone can be connected to a docking station or an external keyboard, mouse and monitor, thus serving as a standalone computer.

5. Detachable touchpad/touch screen smartphone also serving as a cellular modem and/or a WiFi and Internet connection hotspot for the other two modules.  With bluetooth or headphones it would not have to be separated from the base until you want to leave everything but the phone.

6. Music/video files shared and replicated among all three detachable units (tablet/screen, CPU/keyboard and smartphone/touchpad.

7. Plethora of ports – USB, HDMI, bluetooth, (micro)SD card slot on all three units

Sounds interesting?

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