May 042011

A suspicious link got posted to my Facebook wall by one of my friends who followed instructions of this latest scam.

The link’s title was:

Bin Laden EXECUTION Video! Yes it’s REAL!

The URL behind the link was a cryptic shortcut going through
Scam link in Facebook

I visited the URL on one of my isolated virtual lab machines just to see what it does, and it took me to some web page which then provides instructions and some code to paste after signing into facebook (which, of course, I won’t do) and even provides a notice that the same link will be posted on your friends’ walls in Facebook. The two websites listed below both have a screenshot from that page. and have an article about this scam and their link has the same picture but a bit different wording – just “Osama EXECUTION Video!”.

Always remember this: before rushing to click on something like this, always take a deep breath and think first – carefully consider its credibility, especially when it comes with a lot of exclamation marks. President is refusing to release a photo of the dead body, so would he really release a video instead, even if it existed? (And Wikileaks didn’t even have any time to obtain such a video.)

Verdict: SCAM. Do not click or this link. Delete it from your Facebook wall so your friends don’t get the same scam from you.

It seems that with increased security of the antivirus, antispam and antispyware systems, more malware is lately finding its way to end users via social engineering (i.e., deception). It seems that the honor system virus joke from the beginning of the last decade has been taken seriously by the hackers who keep rewriting it in a bit more sophisticated form.

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