May 072011

If you’re a technology manager, a salesperson or both and you remember the punch cards, or even IBM PS/2, and/or DEC systems, it is not something that everybody else wants to talk about. We once had a salesperson spend fifteen minutes talking about punch cards and how things used to be in the old days before presenting a system nobody cared about and trying to sell it to us based on his political friendships. Too bad – our CIO fortunately also had powerful friends and she could tell junk from good stuff.

Regardless of your friends and affiliations and ways to get your foot in the door, instead of talking about the “good old times”, get to your solution’s wows, advantages and good sides. While very few people still care about technology stuff from when the Jews left Egypt, most IT managers can tell a good product from average. So if you don’t want to move straight to the best features of the solution you’re selling and you’re so proud of (you believe in what you’re selling, don’t you?), there are so many new and exciting things to discuss. Although going too far ahead is not good because accountants and managers don’t like it (rooster that crows too early ends up in a soup), falling too far behind is even worse.

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