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Below is another job offer scam message I just received.  It looks like a legit message, right?  Then what’s wrong with it?

1. It has no company name, location or phone number to call.

2. It has the compensation offered straight within the letter.   I’ve never seen any normal company extending a salary offer without interviewing you first and checking how much you made before.

3. The sender appears to be Mary Kay.  It appears to be sent from NoReply@site.careerbuilder.com.  However, when I click on “Show Original” in my Gmail (accessible from the drop-down menu next to reply button on the right, top of the message), the message source shows it arrived from michelle_h****@hotmail.com – someone’s free Hotmail account.  Hmm, a real company?  Not likely.

4. They are asking me for information that already exists in my Career Builder resume (Name, cell, land line, email), so they either don’t read Career Builder resumes thoroughly because they are lazy (and why would I want to work for such a company?) or more likely they really don’t have access to Career Builder resumes.

VERDICT: Scam, written all over it.

Dear Zarko Njakara.
It is a pleasure offer you our up-to-date opening. Our team is intent on finding a new Assistant Manager in your city. Hereby we are all excited about the contribution you can fetch up to our firm. 

Firstly we would like you to discover our activity briefly. Our business deals with global consulting, outsourcing and provides various IT services.

Mixing great experience, total opportunities across all the businesses, and extensive research on the world’s most successful companies, we deal with the partners to promote them as high-level organizations. Using our professional skills, expert’s appraisal and technology capabilities, we find out new business and technology trends and evolve solutions to serve the customers all around the world. We would like you to notice that we have many clients located in the USA.

If accepted, your base compensation package includes a monthly salary of $4500 paid biweekly, full medical and dental coverage through our corporate employee benefit plan. At the beginning you have to go through the 2-week training period, ending which you will get paid $1800.

As Assistant Manager you are responsible for:

  • Maintaining correspondence with the local customers
  • Announcement of information to clients
  • Carrying out administration work
  • Negotiations` arrangement between the company and clients
  • Analysis, systemization and exploration of complex customers` database
  • Organization of payments directly from the local clients to our programmers by means of international money transfer systems
  • Reckoning up charges of the company
  • Drawing up business reports and reports of internal use

Our Assistant Manager should have a gift of diplomacy and should be an expert in the following subjects:

  • Computer mastery
  • Usage of Microsoft Office

Actual timeframe: from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. including 1 hour of a break Monday through Friday.
To accept this position please fill out the following gaps and send us them via email:
1. Your complete name
2. Your cell #
3. Landline #
4. Your e-mail
Accepting this offer you understand, that employment is offered at will, meaning both you and the company may decide to terminate employment without notice and this offer letter of employment should not be considered a contract.We look forward to joining you to our team.

HR Dept

Another Scam job offer.

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  1. CareerBuilder: Manager Trainee
    Dear Buzz Punchinghouse,
    We are pleased to propose you the position of Manager Trainee. We have found your resume on the job portal and are excited about the potential that you may bring to our Company.

    Company Overview

    Our Company is a reliable software consultancy with local project management. We help customers achieve their business aims by providing innovative and best-in-class IT solutions and services. Our mission is to provide high-quality, extremely good value solutions through strong relationships with our customers. For these purposes we need a team of professionals. If want to be a part of it, then join us to build your career and have constant income.

    Position Summary

    To start your work in our Company you will have to be on a trial for 2 weeks. Under guidance of our managers and HR representatives you will be given a perfect opportunity to get all the necessary information regarding your prospective job. If the training is successful you will be our full-time or part-time employee.

    Location: Your city
    Position type: Permanent. Full-time or Part-time Position
    Business hours:
    Full-time Occupation: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
    Part-time Occupation: 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
    Working days: Monday through Friday.
    Salary: $1800,00 for the trial period for 2 weeks; $4500,00 being an employee for a month.


    Learning company policies, practices and operations
    Processing financing statements
    Acquiring information on all our standards, procedures and methods
    Making a research project on the current market
    Taking part in opening the representative office
    Processing payoffs made to our employees and other members of the staff
    Performing other job duties if needed

    Permanent USA residence and citizenship
    Knowledge of basic computer applications Microsoft Office Suite predominantly
    Administrative and financial skills
    Readiness to work flexible hours
    Knowledge of English ability to speak and write in English

    In accepting our proposal of employment, please provide us with the following information:
    1. Your full name:
    2. Your cell #:
    3. Landline #:
    4. Your e-mail:

    Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can do anything to make the start of your work in our Company faster and easier. We hope that you help us keep playing a key role in the international markets.
    I look forward to your reply.
    Yours respectfully,
    HR Department.
    You are receiving this employment opportunity email because you uploaded your resume on CareerBuilder.
    If your employment status has changed or you no longer wish to receive these emails, you can update your privacy and communication preferences from your resume by logging onto CareerBuilder.com:

    Or you can Block this employer from viewing your resume and sending you candidate emails.

    This email was sent from Account ID OBGR1Z3A28B1M2AVO93 and by this logged in User NKCMAKTRAGJ335R9Y5G
    Please be aware that the content of this email has not been reviewed or approved by CareerBuilder and is in no way endorsed by CareerBuilder. You are solely responsible for any response you choose to provide to this email and you do so at your own risk. If you have questions regarding the legitimacy of the position being offered please contact the CareerBuilder Trust and Site Security Team by submitting your inquiry to: TSST@careerbuilder.com Please also review common scams and tips for protecting yourself on CareerBuilder’s Fraud Page. If you have questions or comments for and CareerBuilder, please use our feedback form. 

    • Yes, I believe that’s one of them – note how everything is so generic so that it can apply to so many different people and there’s no company name, no phone number, no website, no contact.  Signed by respectfully yours HR department – no way to research anything about them.  The most alarming one is : “…Processing payoffs made to our employees and other members of the staff…”
      I bet they will ask you to provide your personal bank account info.

  2. I just got one of these in connection with Career Builder too, except the job responsibilities listed were even more generic than yours. Responsibility #1: “Learning company rules, practices and operations.” Fer real? And for this, you’re going to pay me $1,800 for the 2-week training period? Scam.

    The folks who drafted this (and mine) clearly don’t speak English as their first language. Check out one of the introductory sentences in your email: “Hereby we are all excited about the contribution you can fetch up to our firm.” “Fetch up?” WTF, no one in business here would speak like that.

    • Yes, looks like a computer translation or even more likely, they took a similar offer and ran it through a word spinner – a tool used a lot by “SEO gurus” and marketing “entrepreneurs” to plagiarize articles without being caught.

  3. Dear Zarko, 

     Thank you so much for creating this article. I wish more people are  aware about this. Im happy I did the research, though difficult to find, to confirm this is a well thought scam. Thank you for your input and insight. 

    Appreciate it. 

  4. On Tue, May 1, 2012 at 2:11 AM, Norma Jeanes wrote:We are glad to present you the position of Manager Trainee in our enterprise. We are excited about the contribution that you make to our business.First of all we would like you to get the core of our corporate policy. Our team deals with total consulting, outsourcing and various IT services and support.using different experience, up-to-date databases in the field of industry and appropriate research of the most successful companies, we cooperate with customers of different level to help them to appear greatest businesses. Due to our industry competence, managerial skills and technological expertise we reveal new trend lines in business and technology and then create solutions to assist companies worldwide.Before you accept the position please look through the following terms and conditions thoroughly:1. Job description:You are hired for the position of Manager Trainee permanently. This is a long-term position
    Your main responsibilities will be to provide customer support, study different clients databases, do administration duties, monitor company’s finance and work with fiscal reports and reports of internal use.
    2. Remuneration:Initial salary comprises $4,500 per month. Your salary is disbursed twice a month in compliance with the Company’s standard payroll system.
    The employee is to undergo the 2-week training with a salary of $1,800 paid at the end of the training.
    Normal working hours are based on the usual operating time of the Company and are due to be from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, with one hour lunch break. Training hours can be negotiated.
    Being active with corporate and individual customers we provide with exclusive cooperation possibilities to our managers who obtain a chance to take part in supporting serious business contracts with different bonuses. The bonuses can reach several thousand dollars.
    3. Benefits and Pension:As a legal employee, you will be subject to the Company`s benefit plans for staff including complete medical and dental coverage, 401k retirement account and vacation and personal days.To apply please submit the following details:
    1. Your country
    2. First name and last name
    3. Contact phone numbers cell, landline
    4. E-mail
    Letters of recommendation are welcome if possible. We look forward to welcoming you in our team and are sure that you will make valuable contribution to our company’s expansion into national and international markets.HR Dept.

    • Above is an example of a scam employment letter received by a false CareerBuilder e-mail address.

    • Yes, look at the amount of nonsense packed in there, bad language, lack of company name, and your salary is exactly $4,500 per month.  It’s ridiculous – nobody should reply to something like this.
      You are hired for the position of Manager Trainee permanently – LOL so you’d be a trainee for the rest of your career.

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