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I have been receiving scam “job offers” by email since adding my resume to Career Builder. I’m listing some samples here so you can see what to beware of. As I said in my job hunting scams post where I covered slightly different examples, follow these rules to recognize “something fishy” so you don’t fall a victim to scam and phishing attempts:

1. A lot of scams arrive from gmail, yahoo, hotmail, and other free email providers. A legitimate offer from a reputable company will come from their own email system instead of,,,, etc. (just a few examples, but there are many more free email services).

2. Be very careful and guard your identity and your accounts. Don’t give any of your confidential information away before checking the origin of the sender/caller. Request more information and do your research. If you received an email, ask for a phone number where you can call them or ask them to call you. If you received a phone call, ask for an email message. Also ask for more information about the company and for their web site, what products they offer, how many staff they have, what happened to your predecessor… The scammers are counting on easy prey and don’t want to waste more time and resources in providing more information to a doubting person and possibly end up in jail, when they have plenty of other naive citizens to prey on.

3. If it looks too good to be true, it is! It’s as simple as that. Think about this: why would someone who doesn’t even know you offer you a position that takes only few hours a week and pays many times more than what others are ready to pay for that type of work, especially if they didn’t interview you and don’t know anything about how very special you are? Any company with that business model has no chance of survival against its competition, unless it has tons of money to waste on its part time employees (in case you know of any LEGITIMATE company like this, please let me know, for I’d certainly like to work for one.)

4. If they are asking for your financial account information to perform any money transfers or process some payments from and to a third party, they should have their own merchant account. All the companies I’ve ever dealt with have their own merchant accounts so you shouldn’t give your account for payment processing. Credible companies from abroad can open bank accounts just like you can.

5. If you have already replied and provided your financial information to one of these scams, call your bank immediately and tell them what the situation is.

These scams can harm your finances and your credit. According to some posts at Career Builder forums, some people who answered an email scam similar to the one in my second example have had their checking account compromised or otherwise lost money in a fake and unsuccessful money wire or similar transaction and the bank ended up charging them instead of the “company” they thought they worked for.

Email scam example #1:

Our firm is known as a payment processor with services designed for international small companies.

Our firm have tracked your resume from CareerBuilder database reviewed it and think that you to be a perfect applicant for this job which we have.
Our Organization are now looking for a few qualified individuals for a vacant position “Check Assist Manager”.

The main activity of this job is to collect payments [ ACH transfers and checks ] from our clients in United States.
Every check will be accompanied with detailed brief.
If you don’t have checking account our manager will help you to open a new account.

Average income is $600-$800 per week.

Basic Requirements:

– Honesty, responsibility and promptness in operations
– Computer skills [MS Word] personal e-mail address
– not less than 21 years old
– Available 6-10 hour per week;
– Ability to work at home
– US Citizenship
It is a part-time job which doesn’t require leaving your main job


Interested candidates please visit our web-site

The offer above arrived from a person with a cryptic free gmail addres. A company that would pay you this well could definitely afford their own email domain. In addition, the web site didn’t exist (perhaps someone reported them before I looked this up in my spam folder and brought their site down, or perhaps they made enough money on honest people and decided to run).

Regardless of all that, think for a moment about the offer above – they are offering to pay you $600-800 weekly to work 6-10 hours per week. That is up to $100/hr for part time work. WOW! Way too good to be true. A honey pot for naive citizens.

Example email scam message #2:

A large international company, NeoLine LLC . is expanding and seeking new employees!

We are now searching for independent agents who will represent our company in different regions. Two to three hours a day performing your duties over the Internet will be sufficient to fulfill the requirements of this position.

The main strategic aim of our company is to provide quick, easy, efficient and secure ways for art lovers and
furtherer, to fulfill their dreams by helping sellers and buyers find each other locally, nationally and globally.

The goal of our company is to ensure both, the most reliable security level and simplicity of use and availability.

We are happy to offer you the Payment Processing Agent position.
Here are some of the job requirements:
– 18 years of age or older;
– internet access to promptly reply to emails;
– availability by phone (1-2 hours a day);

We welcome competent and reliable approach to work, responsibility and initiative in search of the most efficient ways of job implementation.
At the beginning you will be hired on a probationary basis for 30 days. We also call it training time for at this time you will be guided step by step from your supervisor. Given your performance is satisfactory you will have a choice either you would like to be employed part time or you would like to work full time and earn more.

Your salary during the training period amounts to $2,300 per month plus 8% commission from each transaction completed. Total income, given the current volume of clients, could easily amount to $4,500 per month. After the training period, your base salary will increase to $3,000 per month plus 8% commission.
My goal is to spark your interest. In light of the present economy, we feel that our position is unique and desirable, as it offers training, support and a pay scale comparable to an entry level position that would normally require 40 hours per week. I hope you will explore, compare, and then contact me with your questions.

If you would like to learn more, please email us any updated contact information which may have changed since submitting your resume to:
Our human resource managers will contact you within 2 business days.

Yours faithfully,

Shxxxxn Mcxxxxxxn

(I removed some letters from the name because there are several people in the US with this first and last name and I don’t want to harm them).

This also arrived from a gmail address. You’d expect that a growing international company has their own email domain. Also, just like the previous message, you are getting $2300 per month + commission for 1-2 hours a day of undefined low skill work during training, but in a month you get $3,000. That’s about $75 per hour! No such thing for anybody except high skilled professionals in high demand with years of training and experience, or your own business.

Again, use your brain and double-check everything. Don’t trust anybody and don’t rush into deals without checking who your “employer” is.

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  1. JOB Scam get Paid $200 for survey
    I Receive this today with a check for $2980.00 from M.A.C Cosmetics Inc. By Federal Express  
    Email: Your First Assignment 

    Attn:This is to inform you that we have decided to give you your first
    assignment and trial. Please note that your package for the First Survey/
    Evaluation have been sent out to you via fedex scheduled to be delivered TODAY,
    You will find in it a money orders to be cashed immediately. For your first
    survey, You will be evaluating Your bank and western union Services within 24
    hours after you have received the package from fedex. Be informed that you stand
    to get bonus pay if assignment is completed under 24hrs and remember dependable
    shoppers get the best assignments and most jobs.   After receiving your
    package you are to immediately take the check to your bank to cash it
    immediately and in the process do your survey and evaluation on the questions
    provided below.You are to take the funds to your financial institution
    (BANK) to getthe funds cashed out and evaluated.You start your
    survey immediately you receive the package from  fedex. The package contains the
    payment to cover your salary/pay of $200 for these particular assignment and an
    additional payment for carrying out evaluation withing 24 hours would be sent to
    you.Your Secret Evaluation at your bank would be:1) Name and
    location of bank2) Ambiance/Outlook of your financial institution3) You
    would have to record the time at which you go to the  bank andhow many
    minutes it took you to get your service.4) Name of the attendant and
    Knowledge of service5) Professionalism6) You are required to aggravate
    the attendant and record the response.7) You are also to take note of other
    customers and their experiencein the short time you will be there and
    make a general note.After cashing the check you are to immediately proceed to
    the western union closest to you and make your second evaluation on western
    union. We will be using our company feed-back mechanism, therefore you
    will be sending funds through WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER to our agent in
    carlifonia, this would also allow you to carry out your second evaluation. You
    are to deduct your payment of $200 and have the balance sent to our agent in
    carlifonia.Your Secret Evaluation at western union Money transfer would
    be:1) You would have to record the time at which you go to the western
    unionlocation and how many minutes it took you to get your service.2)
    The average wage at western union for full-time hourly associates in your area
    .3) What are the western union features.4) How long it took you to get
    services.5) Ambiance/Outlook of the Shop/Outlet6) Smartness of the
    attendant7) Customer service professionalism8) We want to know the kind
    of services rendered at the WESTERN UNION9) You are required to aggravate
    the attendant and record the response.10) You will make a wire transfer of
    fund from a WESTERN UNION locationin your area to our agent with the
    details below. Please send WESTERN UNION transaction to the details below. Note:
    You are to deduct the sending charges from the balance after you must have taken
    out your $200 and make sure money is available for pick up instantly.Send funds
    to:Name : Mychal HighsmithAddress : 39550 Liberty St.City :
    Fremont State : CA Zip Code : 96258Below are details you need to
    send via email once funds has been transferred to the Agent’s Name and Address
    Which is above. After cashing the payment at your bank, you will look for a
    WESTERN UNION location around you and make the wire transfer to the information
    above, Your report should be drafted and sent to us via email immediately the
    transfer is made. which means after the transfer you will immediately go back to
    give all the details.Note:  The receiver would require the information
    below to help have the funds picked up.. THE MONEY TRANSFER CONTROL 
    NUMBER.  It’s the 10 digit number on theWESTERN UNION receipt given to
    you.. The senders full name and address. The total amount Sent And any
    other information that would help inpicking up the funds.Also please
    note that your timely response will ensure timely delivery of another job. The
    more active you are, the more payment you receive weekly. You have your chance
    to prove you can handle assignments now, remember You never get a second chance
    to make a first impression.Make sure you completely understand the
    instructions for this particular assignment, be impartial, and focus on
    accuracy.Ensure that you confirm via Email to us when you receive the
    package and that you understand how to proceed with
    it.Sincerely,Jennifer BrooksP.S. I am not cashing this check!!!  Scam!!! 

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