Mar 142011

It has been a while since I’ve messed with fingerprint readers on HP laptops. They used to mess up Novell Client logins, (or Novell Client used to mess up fingerprint logins) until latest Novell Clients which detect active fingerprint reader (and custom msgina.dll) and give users some options during the installation.

However, my cousin Boris has recently discovered a conflict between HP Pavilion DV7 fingerprint optical reader driver and Microsoft Visual Web developer 2010, in particular with the debug mode of the development interface.

By de-activating the fingerprint reading, the MS Visual Web developer 2010 debug mode works ! With the fingerprint reading active the debug doesn’t work! We have no way of testing, but this bug may possibly affect other HP laptops or other laptops with active fingerprint reader.

Gina, you’ve been naughty again (geek joke alert).

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