Feb 172011

To create an iPhone ringtone from voice memo:

1. Email voice memo to yourself (or upload to iTunes from iPhone),
2. Download or copy it and save to a convenient location,
3. Change the file extension on the copy from m4a to m4r (to see the extension in Windows you must have unchecked “Hide extensions for known file types” in Folder Options/View). You can also change the file name to whatever you want to call that ringtone,
4. (Optional) Save the file inside your My MusiciTunesiTunes MusicRingtones folder (if you want to have all your ringtones in one place),
5. Drag the file to the Ringtones section in iTunes so it knows it’s there,
6. Connect and Sync the iPhone (if you are not synching all ringtones you have to first select it inside your iPhone/Ringtones in iTunes then hit the “Apply” button). The ringtone will appear in Custom section of your iPhone’s ringtones when you try to select an individual ringtone in Contacts, or under Sounds in Settings.

See this on YouTube

Alternative Method

(recommended by shelbyelainejordan, but not tested, so you’re on your own with this one):
1. Plug in your iPhone
2. Drag the voice memo to music
3. Right-click on the song, get info, change the info to Music (instead of Voice Memo) and update the name
4. Drag it to your ringtones on your iPhone

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  2 Responses to “iPhone Ringtone from Voice Memo”

  1. Now tell us how to do it within the iPhone without involving PCs, Macs, etc. It seems intuitive to me that one would want to make a VM saying, say, “Voicemail” and then use that as your sound for a new voicemail.

    • That’s possible on Android with some ringtone apps, but Apple is too controlling to allow that, one reason being that they’d lose revenue on iTunes if everybody could make their ringtones.

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