Feb 152011

I’m Not Rich Enough To Buy Cheap Things

I gradually adopted this saying by learning from my experiences with all the millions of dollars of technology and services we used to purchase at my old job, but even more at home where I was often more prone to make a mistake of going very cheap, only to return and replace the product within 30 days, or to regret later and buy the better one, throwing or giving away the former. Still, you wouldn’t believe how happy I am when this saying doesn’t apply, which is definitely the case with HDMI cables, because they transfer digital signals which either work or don’t, so here you go, exception alert: go dirt cheap and feel great about it! I’m re-posting my Amazon review from 2006 and a link to that same very cheap HDMI cable that among others still works great many years after I bought it.

Buy This Dirt-cheap Cable

“I got this HDMI cable for under $10 with shipping just to see whether it will work as well as the expensive ones and it was well worth the risk. I tested it with my upconverting LG DVD player on 1080i resolution on my 42″ 1080p Westinghouse LCD TV (update 2009: now used for Blu-ray from PS3 to 46” Sony LCD TV) and it works just like any other HDMI cable, including those loud names who charge you ten-fold for “golden plated extra special micro gravity nanotechnology space age wireless high conductivity low noise extra gauge supercalafragilisticexpialidocious” cables with no difference in performance. By buying this cable I avoided the huge “naive citizen tax” included in these products. Considering its price, this is an amazingly good cable.”

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