Jan 082017

Every now and then a dilemma arises when a user is working on multiple computers – to install OneDrive on each machine or not.  I have used different options in the past, but my favorite way of connecting them when they’re not using a machine frequently is to map OneDrive as a network drive.  That eliminates slowdowns due to the sudden synchronization of numerous files […]

May 032013

“I See Deleted Files. All the times. They’re everywhere.” I had this crazy problem that deleted files were still showing in Windows Explorer and I had to either exit and come back into the same folder to see them gone, or to hit F5 to refresh.  I was also having the same problem with newly created files, but I kept using the F5 (refresh) trick […]

Oct 302012

I had a chance to play with the new $250 11.6″ Samsung XE303C12-A01US Chromebook and I am finally ready to consider buying or recommending it to certain users. Up until now, whenever a new model was out, a quick glimpse over its specs and comparison with similarly priced laptops would make me laugh and instantly erase it from my mental wishlist. This time I finally see […]

Oct 262012

When a company is growing and a separate business branch needs its own web space, there often arises a question whether it’s better to use a separate domain and different website, or save by just creating a subdomain of the existing website. Here are the pros and cons of each option that I jotted down during my research. Subdomain Pros: Consistent name branding with main […]

Oct 212012

This site is more a personal technology blog than anything else. I left pretensions to make millions, hundreds of thousands or even thousands, after the first year brought virtually no significant income, but I never took my heart out of this blog. This site pays for itself (not for my time invested in it though), but I am not giving it up, or selling it, […]

Oct 192012

Both of these laptops are an amazing deal at under $500 with same latest 3rd generation Core i5 3210M Intel Ivy Bridge processor (or were recently at Best Buy in September and October 2012). They have several different perks that may make them more attractive to some consumers, but also some shortcomings as possible deal breakers for others. Although the 15.6″ glossy screens at the […]

Oct 162012

We all have a mission. Hopefully not a megalomaniac one, because most successful megalomaniacs throughout history were in at least one way war criminals, thugs and villains who greatly increased levels of human suffering around them (say Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Napoleon, Stalin, Hitler, to stay clear of some other names and avoid offending some people’s religious or political views). Our mission isn’t to […]

Sep 292012

It has been stated by many “web experts” that “passive language” and “passive speech” should be avoided, and that active language should always be used instead, so that more visitors can be attracted to otherwise dull websites. This idea has been carefully considered and contemplated by your humble servant, AKA me, but it wasn’t really obvious whether a greater benefit would be observed if only […]